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Can you get stds if your thighs are in contact?

I wear boxer shorts and my t-shirt while I hump naked csw’s. They probably have stds, since they offered me a blowjob without condom.

To be clear, I did not get any bj from them. But since our arms and legs may touch while humping is there any risk to me? What if I hug them ? (My hands in contact with their back). Any risk of stds or fluids going through my underwear and infecting me? Also, any risk of contracting stds from used sheets?
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You are asking about syphilis in another thread. To keep things simple, I'm going to answer it here.

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What if they have the rash and they shake hands with you, or touch your leg.  How soon would you know if you got something?

Did you see a rash or not? It's not good for you to dream up a bunch of "what if" scenarios.

Syphilis is uncommon, all over the world, in CSWs and others.

Shaking hands is not a risk for syphilis, as the skin on your hands, just as your thighs, is too thick for the germs to penetrate.

Is this a phobia of STDs, severe anxiety, or guilt over an encounter you feel you shouldn't have? If it's any of those, you would benefit from seeing a counselor. You had no risk.
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There is no STD that goes through clothing.

Also, the skin on your thighs and arms is too thick for any STD germ to penetrate, so you are at no risk from this encounter.

STDs die pretty quickly once outside the body, so there is no risk from the sheets.
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Why do some websites say you can get stds by contact with unclean towels or sheets at massage spas?
I don't know why they say that. You can get scabies from bedding, but that's not really an STD.

Really, if it were that easy, we'd all have loads of STDs. Ever stay in a hotel? Do you know how infrequently the bedspreads get washed in some of them? (Don't look it up - you'll never stay in one again. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.)

You can get some things from damp towels, but it's very uncommon to get it that way, and you'd have to use it right after someone else did.

If you're concerned, and want to believe you can get something, then test. Science says otherwise, but anxiety can overrule science.
Oh and remember, guilt doesn't equal risk, if this is something you feel guilty about.

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Hi. I went through a similar incident like yours. As I was scared like you, I wrote in this forum. And, AuntyJessie (an expert) told me there are zero risks. But, s I had a white bump which is similar to a pimple, I went to the doctor twice in the past 30 days. And, according to the doctors also, the risk is very very very low. like, 0.00000001.
But, as I insisted to make a blood test. They wrote me a prescription to test at the 3 month exposure. That means, they are 100% sure, there is no risk for any kind of std.
And, the experts will explain to you why. Good Luck.
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