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Can you re-infect yourself??


I had my full sexual health screening a week ago.

When asked if I had any symptoms, I said 'no'
also said that I had sex with someone who had gonorrhea. That was a lie.

I did this  since I imagined I must have some infection, since I had sex in bathhouses and also went to a sex party. Condoms were used in anal sex (active and passive), not so much in oral sex. I don't do crazy things but as with everyone, the chances of catching an STD are there.

The nurse told me to wait 7 days before I have sex again, which I didn't. I had sex one day after the treatment. I used a condom for oral and anal sex (active).

Now I'm a bit confused and cross, at myself for getting a shot and antibiotics without knowing if i need them and then having sex the next day!!
After calling the clinic to tell them what happened, the nurse suggested to go back and repeat the treatment (which I obviously didn't do since I don't even know if i have anything!)

I don't know if there's a question to be asked here. I guess what I'm interested in finding out is...

If it turns out that I had some STI and was treated on that day,
by having sex the next, does it mean that i've infected someone else and reinfected myself???
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You can spread HPV with hand to gential touching if there is touching of both partners at the same time with the same hand but this isn't as common as transmission via skin to skin gential contact.
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1 no this is not true the bacteria dies before the exchange from hand to genital...

2 yes oral sex is a very low risk. We normally don't recommend testing unless symptoms occur
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But I was told that bacterial infections you can get even by touching an infected penis and then touching your own.... so infection can occur even before getting to oral or anal sex...

And chances of getting gono through oral sex is a very low risk???
Is this true?

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first you said the sex was protected correct? if the sex was protected then you didn't have a risk period. The chances of getting gono through oral is a very low risk. BUT if you did get gono from oral sex and you just had the shot then yes if your encounter the day after the shot was unprotected you could have given it to them and there is a chance of reinfection or an actual infection occuring... not only gono but chlamydia, trich, hsv, syphilis and hiv. if the enclounter the day after was protected then there is nothing fo ryou to worry about.
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