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Chance of STI by penile rubbing on pubic hair


Yesterday I did some penile rubbing not on vagina but on pubic hair around and above it on skin for 2-3 mins before doing protected sex, what are the chances of catching any STIs from this act ? Really anxious right now.
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No, there is no risk from rubbing there unless she had a sore. The skin there is too thick to transmit anything she might have unless she had a syphilis sore or herpes sore.

You really don't have to worry about it.
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Okay thank you!

just a follow up is it a safe practice to use some oil on penis before penis rubbing as dry penis can develop cuts etc. ?
You can use oil so long as you aren't going to use condoms. Oils can break down latex condoms. If you are going to use condoms, use a water based lube instead.

Also, talk to your partner before using anything to make sure she has no allergies or sensitivities to whatever you use.
Okay, thank you!
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