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Chances of sti

I had 3 different encounter with 3 different prostitute. First on condom protected vaginal sex ( she was bleeding due to her menstruel cycle) and other two , just had a condom protected blow job. I did not have any symptoms ( except little rash on penis head for 2 days and it’s went away). I had unprotected sex with my wife few times ( she started bleeding , got her period early, she is 44 years old ). This happened about a month ago. Should I need to get tested for Sti ? Please help. Thanks
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Your exposures was condom protected. You don’t say if they failed so I’m going to assume not. When they do it’s obvious.

You even had confirm protected oral which even without protection is low risk with a condom it has to be zero.

I honestly see no reason to test. Of course you can, if the negative results will help you sleep at night but I wouldn’t, I don’t see a single medical need to,

In regards to your wife, period changes can happen for all kinds of reasons (is she particularly stressed). If this happens again get her to seek medical care just to be on the safe side but it won’t be a STI so need to mention this.

Just so you know, I assume you have googled period irregularities and STI normally when women bleed due to a STI it’s after sex. That’s what it means.
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Thanks for your answer. Condom did not break . And yes my wife is stressed. Dr had to remove her thyroid gland few years back.
I see nothing here to suggest STI you’d be glad to know. Stress alone can effect cycles. If she’s concerned she should see a doctor, could be a sign of something happening BUT not a STI.

Good luck
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