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Confused/anxious/weird sensations and pain....

Hello there everyone!

Ok, myself and a close friend of mine both went to a brothel in Spain and had a sexual encounter  at he same time that consisted of protected vaginal sex, but unprotected oral sex.

A few days after, my friend said he'd noticed some slight discomfort and minor discharge. I didn't have these symptoms at all. Now being extremely worried that we'd both been exposed to and contracted an std, I went to my local drop in gum clinic. I took the usual test for STIs. This was less than a week after the encounter so the negative results weren't a shock to us.

The symptoms persisted for my friend, and I did start to notice 1 or 2 twinges and slight discomfort. My friend has had chlamydia previously and said these symptoms were very similar. We both ordered some Azithromycin from the online chemist. This was taken.

We kept being tested but all coming back negative.

Symptoms persisted, now included testicular pain. The pain was more in my left testicle and also the base of the shaft inside the tube. This pointed us to gonorrhoea. We ordered some Cefixime and Azithromycin from the online chemist and took these.

The symptoms persisted, so we went to the gym clinic again. We had the tests but where both treated again for stds by having and injection, taking 4 pills... But also with a 2 week course of doxycyclin, 2 capsules a day. A few days ago my testicular pain was unbearable! I am getting extremely anxious now as the tests keep on coming back negative but I seem to still be experiencing testicle pain and dulls pains in the base of the shaft and also a slight shooting pain to the head of the penis. I still have half a week of doxycyclin meds left so will continue with these...

Has anybody else has similar symptoms from a similar sexual encounter that has gone undetected by tests? If so, did you ever get to the bottom of it?

In short:
My symptoms - testicle pain, dull pain at base of shaft, slight pains in lower abdomen, slight shooting pain the head of penis.
My friends symptoms - slight discharge, pain inside penis tube, pain in testicles, pain in prostate, thinks he's seen blood in poo.

All tests have been negative and we've both been treated with the above antibiotics.

Any advice would be much appreciated!! We're both extremely concerned! :-(

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My Dr has said to go back once I've finished the meds if the problems still persist... Which I expect they will do. :(
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Because meds can mask symptoms and throw off tests.
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Thanks Vance. I only have a few days left, so I may aswell finish the course hadn't i? Why would taking the meds mean I won't identify the problem?

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Stop medication as this is not going to help you identify what is going on. Follow up with your Dr, it is unlikely to be a STD with those symptoms on you.
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