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Conjunctivitis or eye infection from a STI in adults

Hi, here is a not so common question:

Is it common & possible to have conjunctivitis or an eye infection from any STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia or any other in adults if someone infected rubs their eyes after touching their genetical or if an orally infected person sneezes bacteria which goes into the eye?

If yes, does it gets better on its own or needs a treatment?

Thank you!
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People who have oral gonorrhea or chlamydia aren't infectious by sneezing - it's not airborne. It's only infectious if they give someone oral sex.

Getting one in the eye usually happens via childbirth or someone autoinoculating - touching their symptoms genitally, then touching their eyes. It doesn't transmit from eye to eye like you think. If you touch someone's runny eye and then immediately touch your own, it could, I suppose, but how often does that happen? Gonorrheal and chlamydial eye infections are rare.
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Thank you for your response. If I understand correctly, it is unlikely that a person who is infected orally can infect via the eye of another person by sneezing - if the saliva / mucus goes from mouth of infected into the eye.  
Please correct me if I’m wrong.
When someone sneezes, the droplets are from the nose, not the throat. STDs don't live in the nose.

Sneezing doesn't transmit STDs. It can't infect your eye, or any other part of you. They are not airborne.

To get an STD, you have to have some kind of sexual activity - oral sex, vaginal or anal sex, for example. Sneezing is not sex.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by COVID, which can be transmitted by sneezing. If you have it, ask for a covid test. STDs are not a concern at all here.  
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Well, it 'can' happen if bodily fluid gets into the eyes.  Symptoms are similar to that of pink eye.  And if it happens, a person needs antibiotics.  Is this something you are concerned about for yourself currently?
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