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Could I have contracted syphilis or Hepatitis C from erotic massage?

Just wondering on the possibility of contracting syphilis or Hepatitis C from erotic massage? From a period of 2-3 months, I was going to a massage parlor on a biweekly basis for a massage and finish with handjob, no sex involved. My last encounter was first week of December, got a massage and was finished off with a handjob. I noticed the parlor was busy and the masseuse had a smell to her like she haven't showered so I didn't bother on touching her. The next day, I had some body aches, mainly in the back, and joint pain. Couple days after that, started to experience itching across my entire body that left certain spots of my arms red, but no rash or raised bumps. This persisted for a month until I went to the doctor. Said the skin irritation is from an allergy or eczema. However, he wanted to do a blood test for confirmation. Results came back that I'm allergic to certain things and I have elevated rheumatoid levels so he issued me ANA comprehensive panel. I Googled it and it shows that this test can look for Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and other things. My question is based on my above activities on getting a handjob at a massage parlor with the symptoms I'm having, could I have contracted syphilis or Hepatitis C?
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The ANA test doesn't look for any STD. Syphilis testing is an RPR, VDRL, and a few others. A Hep C test will have hcv in the name of it.

The ANA test is looking for autoimmune disorders, like lupus, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and several more.


You weren't at any risk for Hep C - this is rarely transmitted sexually, and when it is, it's almost always from unprotected anal. Hep C is only transmitted by blood. The main way this is transmitted is sharing needles for drug use.

You weren't at risk for syphilis either, unless her mouth was on your penis, or your genitals came into direct contact while both of you were unclothed, and there was some friction.

Handjobs are never a risk for STDs, and no STD would give you symptoms the next day. The absolute minimum is 2 days, but most are longer. Syphilis is several days to weeks.

Continue working with your doctors to find the cause of your symptoms, but your massage activities are not the cause of them.
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Thank you for the response! It's just a coincidence that these symptoms are happening after the massage.
Absolutely it's a coincidence. I do hope they find the cause of what's happening and you feel better soon. :)
So, I just got my bloodwork back and I tested positive for ANA. Could a STD made this test turn positive? I'm freaking out right now because I've never tested Positive for anything! Was informed to do another bloodwork in 6 -12 months...should I make my doc give me a full STD screening test?
No, an STD wouldn't cause this to be positive.




A positive test for antinuclear antibodies (ANA) does not, by itself, indicate the presence of an autoimmune disease. As mentioned above, because of the design of the ANA test, many normal individuals will have a positive test at low titers. Even when detected at high titer, a positive ANA result, by itself (in the absence of symptoms or physical findings), does not indicate that a patient either has, or will develop, an autoimmune disease. Some ANA appear to be unrelated to the development of autoimmune disorders. Future studies may help identify these "benign" autoantibodies and may permit health care providers to provide reassurance to their patients."

I'm guessing your test was a low positive?

And I understand that it's scary, but stress makes everything worse.

If this is your only sexual encounter, you are at no risk for any STDs. If you've had other encounters in the past, you might want to test for STDs, but again, handjobs don't transmit STDs.
Thank you for the response! It was a low positive and my doctor told me not to worried...he just want to keep an eye on it since I told him about the  symptoms I was having. My last STD test was back in 2016 when I had multiple sex partners, but came back Negative. My doc didn't seem worry for me to do a STD test even after I told him about my encounter.
I agree with your doctor about the STDs.

I assume your doctor wants to repeat the ANA at some point in the near future. I'd say this is a good plan, though I'm not nearly an expert in autoimmune disorders. Make sure to follow up on that, and good luck.
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