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Did the chlamydia treatment work?

Hi guys,

On 11/11 I was treated for Chlamydia. I was treated with two azithromycin pills, and a shot to the butt. Since then, I no longer get the itching in urethra, and slight pain while urinating only happens in the morning. I still get small amounts of discharge which seems like it's mostly clear..In the morning the are more on the cloudy side. I'm on my 6th day already and discharge is still there...did the medication not work on me? :(
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You need to take the full course of antibiotics. Once you do that, once you do that, check with the doctor for when you should retest.  Try to give the constant checking of your penis a break. You'll know when you recheck if the antibiotics worked.
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Take or wait? Because I already took the two pills provided at the same time as prescribed
It was 500 mg per pill.. They were pink
You need to retest, the shot in the but was probably ceftriaxone, 1 gram of Azithromycin in a single dose  is usually effective for most cases, however retesting is required. The discharge should stop 3-5 days after taking the pills. Drink a lot of water or tea, and stay away from coffee untill you get a negative swab. All the best.
So everything else like bringing urination and itching in urethra stopped, except for small discharge that requires squeezing out. You think I still have chlamydia? I'm getting retested in 3 weeks.
@klamidia I read your troubles with chlamydia lasting for months. Can you describe your discharge you were experiencing? You mentioned it was thick and clear? Did it come out on its own? Mine is currently clear small amount that I have to squeeze out every morning.. throughout the day my urethra is mainly moisty small clear discharge. If I squeeze hard enough, start to see a bit of clear discharge.
Chlamydia usually takes 7 full days to clear. U mentioned 11/11 so tomorrow should be your full 7. Even after you’re clear, u may experience some irritation. I would retest on 11/25 and you should be clear.
Are you still squeezing your penis to see the discharge? DON'T DO THAT.

From the Cleveland Clinic - it's about NGU, but the theory is the same: Don't check for discharge more than once a day. Squeezing the penis more often may cause irritation and discharge even when there is not an infection. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/4426-nongonococcal-urethritis-in-men/management-and-treatment

Let your body heal.
Just want to update everyone. I retested and results came back negative. My tiny discharged/fluid in urethra is no more.
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