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6 weeks ago I had a sexual encounter,I am a female and I made the guy wear a condom and I feel as though he might of slipped it off mid sex, I feel like this might be a possibility because when he came he didn’t cum With the condom on or inside me so I knew it came off before he came.. A couple days later I experienced discharged and got a gonorrhea/ Chlamydia Test done 8 days after- negative I was told I had a yeast infection and was treated for that. About a week after the treatment I had more discharged and was treated for bacterial vaginosis and just finished my 7 day antibiotics for that on Thursday (wasn’t retested for STDs at this visit) It is now Saturday and I am still experiencing some discharge which to me looks yellowish in color, It’s a very light yellow and watery?? Also has no odor to it I started to take probiotics today so idk if this is going to help in a few days, But is there any idea as to what this could be?
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You tested negative for STDs, correct? What did you get tested for?

It's not uncommon to go back and forth with yeast and BV. You're smart for trying probiotics to get everything back in balance, so to speak.

Are you having any other symptoms - pain, itch, burning, anything?
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I had a urine gonorrhea/ chlamydia test and I’m not sure if he sent a swap also, but the test came back negative. I took the test 8 days after possible exposure which I keep on hearing is pretty much accurate at that point.
Would this be conclusive or should I retest?

I had a pap smear done also and a look at the discharge under the microscope.
I also had an HIV finger pricked test 8 days after-negative which I know is not conclusive given that I took it way too early so I did an at home Oraquick swab test at 6 weeks-negative  which I know is also not conclusive but would give me a better idea.
I was not tested for trich or syphilis though. But the antibiotic I took is used to treat trich so if that was a problem it probably would of been. Fixed with the antibiotics,right?

It is now Monday and there is still some discharge but a lot less, there is also a little bit of internal irritation All the way at the opening of the vagina(close to external) not really painful. Idk if that makes sense. I went to my dr today (I’ve been going to planned parenthood) since the antibiotics I took for BV gave me oral thrush, he prescribed me an anti fungal that would also help if I had a vaginal yeast infection.

But since starting the probiotics and taking the anti fungal(I just took it this morning) i do notice a decrease in the discharge and a change in consistency.

Thank you for your help and hearing me out! Lol
When they test you for yeast and BV, they should also be looking for trich at that time - it's usually all checked at the same time. And yes, the treatment for BV is the same for trich, so you'd be covered.

Your 6 week Oraquick is about as conclusive as it gets. You can test at 3 months, but most people will test positive by 6 weeks. Test at 3 months if you want for peace of mind if you need to, but it won't likely change.

Continue the probiotics. It can be really hard to get out of the BV/yeast cycle once you're in it. What probiotic are you taking?

Sometimes it is just not easy being female. :(

Oh I didn’t know that! For that test they only looked at the discharge under the microscope though, but it would be possible to tell if it was trich?? I also doubt that it was trich because I know it has very distinct symptoms in females. So I wasn’t really worried about that.

I keep hearing the gonorrhea/chylamdia is accurate at 4 days, but I also hear 2 weeks from other places, would my 8 days give me an accurate result?

Thank you for some peace of mind from the Oraquick test!

I’m taking the azo daily probiotic pills from target, I’ve read some good reviews on them. Is this suffienct enough or do you suggest a different kind, im open to better suggestions!
And tell me about it! :(
Yes, if they are looking under the scope, they would be able to see if it's yeast, BV or trich. It's called a wet mount test. https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/hw6026 (This has a ridiculous illustration of the external female genitalia on it, so don't open if you are at work or around anyone else, if that's a concern.)

The gonorrhea/chlamydia tests are accurate at 3-5 days, so yours at 8 days is accurate.

I don't know much about the azo probiotic. I take Jarrow Fem-dophilus. It's considerably more expensive, but it was recommended to me when I was trying very hard to get rid of BV for months and months, and antibiotics weren't doing it. One thing you may want to try is taking 2. I take 2 every day instead of 1. I did a lot of research and found that for some women, 2 is needed, and 2 works a lot better for me than 1.

I'm not sure the brand even matters, to be honest. I think the amount might matter more than the brand, so long as the brand is decent, and azo is. Are you taking the Azo Feminine Complete one?

There is a term for men removing the condom mid sex - it's called stealthing, and it's a real mind game, isn't it? Don't discount the implications of that, mentally.

Thank you so much for teaching me that! That’s so interesting!

I haven’t even thought of taking 2 pills a day! Sounds like something I need to try lol, should it be something I try all at once or throughout the day?
And yes I am taking the complete feminine balance one.

It really is a mind game, definitely keeping my anxiety on its toes. I know that without a condom you would feel a difference but I only ever use a condom so if there was a difference I don’t think I would be able to tell :(
I take 2 at night. I don't think it matters much when you take it. I take other meds at night, so it's easy for me to remember to take them at night.

I've had both - with and without a condom. Depending on the condom, you can sometimes tell the difference, sometimes you can't. They make condoms thin enough now that sometimes it's really hard to tell the difference. You can tell if he ejaculates inside you, but if he didn't ejaculate, you might not be able to tell.  

Be kind to yourself. This stuff isn't easy.
I know he didn’t ejaculate in me or the condom so I know it defiantly came off at some point, just not sure when:( but thank you for your help! I was more so worried about gonorrhea/chlamydia since that’s so popular with younger people (I’m 22) but feel a sign of relief from the test results and the Oraquick!
I think you're fine regarding STDs. It sounds like all the tests were taken at the right time, and are conclusively negative.

Good for you for being so diligent about your health. :) If you have any other questions, we're here.
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Not really asking for a diagnosis more so if this sounds like an std
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