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Escort Addiction anxiety worried about std

Hi guys you might have seen my posts before for std section i'm sorry to full this forum with my questions about std so please be patient with me.

Today i experience a new intercourse a threesome escort where they perform oral sex on each other doing 69 position but i didn't got evolve with them i just watch them closely and i finger their private part a little and kiss their bodies but nothing to do down there because in the beginning i told them i won't perform oral on you guys . Then i started to have intercourse with one them using condom all time till the end when my job was finish. Am just wondering if i'm at risk for catching anything like std? for example Chlamydia,Gonorrhea,Hepatitis A&B and c,Herpes or hiv/aids? because i do yearly taste and they always come negative i'm also vaccinate for Hepatitis a and b and also i know their company i use their escorts before their always clean.
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You did not do any oral sex and intercourse is protected. No risk
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hi there thanku for the asnwer 1 month ago beforethis i had another encouter with a escort where i was having intercourse protected bout at one point i notice the condom went inside her i suddenly stopped she took the condom out and put on new one than we continued and my semen came just wondering what are my risks for std? just to make sure you understand me when the condom went inside her i didn’t ejaculate
If you were inside her unprotected, you should test. You don't seem to know how long the condom was off, so you should test. It's hard to say what the risk is without knowing how long it was off, but that doesn't matter - just test.

You ejaculating or not matters to her, not you.

And really - it's time to talk to someone about your addiction to this. You are putting yourself at risk and aren't stopping. That's the very definition of a problem. Talk to your doctor about a referral to a counselor.
So i hope you can understand me i wasn't inside of her unprotected from the beginning the condom went inside of her for a minute than we change the condom than we continued
and also i think ejaculating or not it does matter because isn't hiv requires body fluids?
sorry i'm not trying to mean
Yes, HIV does involve body fluids. Your body fluids are a concern for her. Her body fluids are a concern for you.

Think about pregnancy. If you are having unprotected sex, it matters to her whether or not you ejaculate. You won't get pregnant either way. The same goes for HIV and other STDs. If you ejaculate, your fluids are going into her, which would increase her chances of infection.

Your concern is whether or not her fluids are entering your urethra.

It sounds like you being inside her without the condom was very brief. I wouldn't worry about this at all. It sounds like she uses condoms, and remember that's to protect herself from her clients, not to protect her clients from herself. Her job depends on it.  

yes all of the models are highly use of condom and they do not do any kissing on the lips. They have very districted rules
Good. I really don't think you have anything at all to worry about here.
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