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Frottage STI risk?


Male, 35
Met up with a Covid vaccinated lady whom I met online, [I'm Covid vaccinated too], and the 1.5 year no sex period led to some expedited physical intimacy.
In short: handjob, protected blowjob,  nude cuddling and eventually less than a minute of frottage, [I was wearing a condom, but both of us were nude].
Got home, told a friend about the date and he told me that [his judgement] the particular lady I met has been pretty 'active' on the dating community.
Now: I am very scared, do you think the protected blowjob, the skin to skin contact and mainly the Frottage would cause HSV2 / Syphilis?. I already have HSV1 [cold sores]
When do I need to test?, in 15 days?

Also: I have two shots of Pfizer and she had a shot of J&J, would that keep away COVID or is that a risk too?

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First, your friend has no idea what kind of dating activity your date has had - it's all based on rumors, and even if she goes out with a lot of men, it doesn't mean she does anything sexual with any or all of them. That's a terrible thing to say about anyone.

In any case, there is very little risk with frottage. Yes, in theory there is a risk, but syphilis and herpes usually need the friction of penetration to transmit. I wouldn't worry about it.

The covid vaccines don't 100% prevent transmission - they don't work against all the variants. They do all work to prevent serious illness and hospitalization though, and offer some protection against transmission. It depends on where you are and what variants are most prevalent where you live. You should talk to your doctor locally to find out more.
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Thank you for the response. I agree about the judging part, it's not cool, thought as much.

Could I safely involve physically with anyone rightaway without getting tested [ I was wearing a condom and even though nude, the  genital to genital contact was <1 min]. Or do I need to get tested for HSV2 or HIV [ I already have the Gardasil vaccine, so I'm not worried about HPV].
Yes, you can probably have sex with someone else, but you should always use condoms.

If you aren't sure of their covid status, wear a mask.
Thank you,

You're right about the variants,
Getting a Covid test in a few days to rule out any infection and ping ponging it to whoever I meet.

Would it be safe to say there is 0% chance of me having gotten HSV 2 / HIV from this encounter and that no tests are required?
Has anyone ever gotten HSV2 from frottage ever?

As you can see I am anxious about two things: 1. getting HSV2 and 2.passing it to someone else, as I'm actively dating currently....
Your opinion is highly appreciated, if you think getting a test is better, please let me know when to [6 weeks / 2 months after today?]
I haven't spoken to anyone who has gotten hsv2 from frottage, and remember that it would take friction the kind associated with intercourse. I would say there is a zero chance you'd have gotten herpes or HIV from this. You can stop worrying.
Thank you
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