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Genital warts?

Hi, i had an appointment with a sexual health clinic for them to check my vagina - it was confirmed i have VP.
however my OCD took over and while using his gloves etc he was touching the lamp then my vagina etc - can i catch genital warts or anything else this way? Say he saw someone earlier with warts and touched it then touched me?
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He would have used fresh gloves so no.
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Yeah he used fresh gloves but say he touched the lamp and earlier touched it with gloved hands that had warts on them could it then pass to me ?
Hi, it’s not the gloves I’m worried about. It’s him touching the lamp with his gloved hand which he could’ve touched previously with another patient who had warts?
Still no risks.

Touching things is not a way to transmit STIs. There bacteria/virus needs specific living conditions to survive which the outside world isnt :)
Oh - I read online that HPV can live on things and be passed by hands or objects. Other websites also state it takes skin to skin so I’m a bit confused that’s why I came on here! If you think there’s 0 risk then maybe I can sleep tonight haha!
Potentially but if STIs pass through skins everyone will have them :)

It is thought that around 75% (minimum) of sexually active adults would get a form of HPV. Most is cleared within 2 years.

Your "exposure" seriously warrants no further thought at all. None whatsoever.
Also this article is informative about VP and most studies suggest it is not part of HPV.

Hi, yes I know thank you VP isn’t part of warts :)
I was just worried as the doctor I saw obviously deals with warts etc, and google is very scary saying HPV warts can live on surfaces and spread through touch and then if you touch your vagina/penis. My understanding was that surely this can only happen if someone touched there warts then touched me themselves, not by touching objects. ?
Essentially yes thats right. Seriously there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise everyone leaving that Dr will end up with wards :) It doesnt happen.
Okay, so what's important to know here is that just because something is on a surface doesn't mean that it can be transmitted to a person. Once a germ is outside of a human host, it starts to degrade and die.

That makes it harder to transmit, and that there may not be enough of the virus to actually infect someone.

HPV needs direct, unclothed skin to skin contact to transmit. This means both people need to be unclothed, and there needs oral to genital, genital to genital or genital to anal contact. Think oral, vaginal and anal sex, or really heavy grinding.

I'm not sure what sites you are reading, but stop reading those sites. Also, I hope you are in treatment for your OCD. That's really important.
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