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Getting Rimmed and recieving oral

First of all sorry for my english.
I am a gay guy. 24 years old. Today I have had a sexual act with a guy. We kissed deeply and than he rimmed, it was my first time getting rimmed, it did hurt and i am afraid of getting stds or hiv from getting rimmed. As well he fingered me deeply. He also gave me oral sex on penis. I washed everything woth soap 20 minutes after the encounter.
What is the risk of getting hiv or stds?
Thank you
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So receiving unprotected oral sex and rimming puts you at risk for syphilis, genital herpes type 1, gonorrhea and NGU.

Syphilis isn't that common, and your partner would have had to have a sore in their mouth to transmit it. You wouldn't see symptoms of this for 10-90 days, but the average is 21 days, and you'd get a sore called a chancre. This doesn't cause burning, pain, discharge, etc. You can test for this at 6 weeks. If you get symptoms, but test negative at 6 weeks, test again at 90 days.

If you don't already have herpes type 1 (think oral sores, like cold sores but not canker sores), then you could get genital herpes type 1 from receiving oral sex. This can happen even if the person performing oral doesn't have a sore, but it's more likely if they do. The time from infection to symptoms is usually 2-12 days, but the average is 4 days. You can test for this now, and then again at 4 months to make sure you don't have it. If you test positive now, it's a pre-existing infection that you had before this encounter. About half the adult population has this, and 90% don’t know it.

You'd see symptoms of gonorrhea at about 2-5 days, and this would usually be a discharge, burning, etc. Some people don't get symptoms. You can test for this as early as 3 days, but 5 days is better. You can have a urine test or a swab test.

NGU is an infection in the urethra that is caused by anything other than gonorrhea (nongonococcal urethritis urethritis, sometimes called NSU, for non-specific). This can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra, and the symptoms and testing times are the same as gonorrhea.

There is no risk for anything by getting fingered.

Rimming isn't supposed to hurt, unless you mean getting fingered hurt? Remember that you have the power to tell someone to stop if it isn't something you're enjoying or don't want, or to ask someone to try it differently.

Fingering shouldn't hurt like that either. There may be a stretch feeling, but your partner should go as slow as you want, and should use lube. If you aren't relaxed, it might hurt some, and you won't relax if it's not comfortable for you. Remember that it's your body, and you have the power over it.
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The lube he used while fingering was saliva. Would this affect anything? Or increase the risk?
He, as well,  brushed his teeth exactly 15 minites before the encounter. Will it increase the risk of anything?
Nope, though it explains why the fingering hurt. Are you in a place where you can buy lube? If you are, you should buy some and have your partners use it.

If you are going to do anything with condoms, make sure it's not oil-based lube, like lotion. If you aren't doing anything with condoms, lotion is better than saliva.

But using saliva for lube doesn't increase the risk over rimming for gonorrhea, syphilis, NGU and genital herpes type 1. There is still no risk for HIV.
Thank you for your answer.
Last question so I can clear every doubt and be relaxed,  are the risks same for receiving and for giving, oral sex and rimming? And will every risk increase if the giver brushed his teeth before oral sex and rimming? Because, according to my knowledge,  sometimes brushing teeth could cause temporarily bleeding in some people, and when rimming or giving oral sex the saliva could contain blood and than passed to the urethra or somewhere else.
Risks for what, exactly?

Brushing your teeth doesn't change the risk of HIV. Your partner brushing his teeth doesn't matter, either. The amount of blood needed to transmit would (hopefully) preclude oral sex.

The risks for receiving oral sex are different than giving oral sex, in regards to which STDs you are at risk for.

I've already explained what receiving puts you at risk for. Giving oral sex to someone with a penis puts you at risk for oral gonorrhea and syphilis. As I said above, syphilis isn't that common, and your partner would have had to have a sore that your mouth came into contact with to transmit it.

All of the time frames are the same for testing and symptoms appearing.

Oral gonorrhea doesn't usually have symptoms, but if you got them, it would be a sore, red throat, maybe a fever, maybe swollen glands. If you get symptoms, they usually appear within 7-21 days. You can test for this in the same time as above.

There is a risk here, but oral sex is lower risk than intercourse.

If you are concerned about STD risks from oral sex, use condoms. Flavored condoms are available, as are flavored lubes. If someone really wants you to do that, they will let you use a condom for it. If someone wants to do it to you, they will use a condom. If someone respects you, they will respect your wishes.

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You asked about oral here before, so same advice applies.
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