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HCV by bite

I met one call girl in hotel two months before . There was no oral or vagina sex . while kissing acciddently she bite my groin area and it was bleeding . HIV . VDRL . HEP B and HCV  test done by CMIA method . 30 days all are negative and again after 50 days all are negative . pleae advise is it accuracy ? should i have to repeat test again ?//
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Your HIV test should be conclusive.

Syphilis isn't spread by blood, but by skin to skin contact. It can take up to 90 days to show positive on a blood test, but if you haven't had any symptoms yet, and she didn't have any visible sores on her mouth, you are probably fine.

Your hep B is probably conclusive, though technically it can take 9 weeks (60 days) to show positive. The average is 4 weeks. Have you been vaccinated against this? If you aren't sure, ask for a blood test to find out.

Hep C can take up to 9 weeks, so it's a really good chance that your 50 day test is conclusive. I wouldn't expect it to change.

If you won't be able to relax until everything is 100% conclusive, then test again in a few weeks, but I wouldn't expect anything to change.
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Hcv test by cmia metod , will it detects antigen same like for Hiv test??/
No, it only looks for antibodies.
You can ask for a viral load HCV test if you want. That looks for the actual virus, and given that you were bitten, it might be worthwhile for you. Here's some more info on it:

b) Qualitative tests to detect presence or absence of virus (HCV RNA)
This test will be reported as either positive (virus present) or negative (no virus present)  

c) Quantitative tests to detect amount (titer) of virus (HCV RNA)
A single positive PCR test indicates infection with HCV. A single negative test does not prove that a person is not infected. Virus may be present in the blood and just not found by PCR. Also, a person infected in the past who has recovered may have a negative test.

When hepatitis C is suspected and PCR is negative, PCR should be repeated. This test will be reported as a “viral load”, determining the amount of virus present.


https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hcv/hcvfaq.htm#section3 - How soon after exposure to HCV can HCV RNA be detected by PCR?

HCV RNA appears in blood and can be detected as early as 2–3 weeks after infection (12, 16–19).
Thanks for the valid informations . I will repeat my teat again after 2 or 3 days . i,m totally scared and nervous . 50 days negative will be remain or  change ?///
Probably will remain negative. :)
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