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HPV from oral sex 10 yrs ago

Hi, due to lack of information on HPV I had unprotected oral sex with a girl. 6 weeks later whenever I went to the bathroom I felt itchy in my anus and also my movements became thin. I was remote and did not have access to a doctor. However after 6 weeks again the symptoms went away. My question is I have since got married after 5 yrs of the event. Do I need to telly my partner now that I potentially had HPV? Is there any testing I can get done?
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No, you don't need to say that. You don't know what you had, if anything, and HPV clears from the body within 2 years for 90% of those that have it.

You might have had hemorrhoids or anal fissures or something, and there's no way of knowing now what you had. There's no test for men and HPV, but I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about it.
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Sorry can I ask can the warts be on your anis even if you had oral sex on your penis. Should the warts have been on the penis? Also just wondering can a light kiss on your balls cause HPV transmission? Sorry lots of misinformation out there.
You can get warts on your anus from oral sex on your penis, though it's more likely from anal sex.

A light kiss to the balls will not cause HPV transmission. HPV doesn't reside on the lips, but in the throat.
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