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Had sex with a woman in a brothel (actually a "massage" place)

We used condom but my penis wasn't erect the whole time. When she was on top of me, she was rubbing her vagina trying to insert my penis in her but it wasn't fully erect, and when she got up, the condom stayed inside her.  7 days later i was drinking a cold drink and chips, then i felt something weird in my weird in my throat and wasn't able to speak for a bit. It has been hurting since then. Could it had been a lymph node perhaps from an STD? What are the chances of having contracted some type of STD?
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Can someone tell me how long i have to wait to take STD tests? It's been 18 days since encounter.
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You can take tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU now. You can test for syphilis at 6 weeks, but that's uncommon in most developed countries, so I wouldn't worry much about that. You can test for HIV at 28 days.

There is no test for HPV for men.

I would recommend against testing for herpes. There are blood tests available for them, but if you don't get symptoms, I'd just go with that. There are a fair number of false positives on the tests, and it takes months and several hundred dollars to unravel that.

Keep in mind that this is all for peace of mind, not for actual risk.
Thank you. The reason I would take the tests is because i've been feeling somewhat of a "burning" sensation inside my penis. It doesn't happen when I pee, and it's somewhere in my testicles/penis. It is very mild that I can't really tell where it's coming from.
Hello agenda28,

I hope AuntieJessie doesn't mind me giving my two cents:

1. Been in your shoes.  If I had someone advice me back then, how I would have appreciated it:  I would say just do the gonorrhea and chlamydia test (for piece of mind only!!  You weren't at risk),  You can do a urine test, and get these done at free clinics even, or most medical insurance providers do it.  BUT then don't waste any more money on other tests.    I probably based $800 on un needed testing.

2. Then drink acidic stuffy for a few days, vitamin C, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar to help with your irritation like symptoms, they should go away; also because you are processing this in your mind those symptoms are appearing more drastic that you think.

3.  Go celebrate because you wore a condom, and avoid have sex with out one (they work).


I never mind anyone else answering, especially you. :)

And I suspect the burning feeling is anxiety. I'm not discounting it or saying it's all in your head - anxiety gives you very real physical symptoms.

And listen to what Jesse said - he spent an unnecessary $800 on testing. That is what anxiety does.
Thank you both JessyJames and Auntie.
Received Negatives for: gonorrhea, chlamydia & syphilis. I did this through my INS at no add cost to me. I think the doc also ordered HIV with that same panel which i haven't gotten the results yet, but i'm sure they'll also be NEG.

My initial worry was that the condom came off while the woman was "rubbing" on top of me as I explained before.

Congrats on the (expected) negative tests. Unless you've had other risks for HIV outside of this encounter, I'm sure the HIV test will also be negative.

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Anybody have any other input on this?
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You don't seem to have symptoms of an STD, but if you're going to worry about it go get tested.  The condom coming off doesn't seem to make any difference as you were pulling out when it happened.  Her wearing a mask won't prevent covid, sorry, not up that close and personal for that long.  Not saying you have it, just that masks plus social distancing of at least six feet are the direction.  If you wear a typical mask, not an N95 mask, and it's that close and for that long, it's still possible to get covid.  Again, you aren't symptomatic of it really, you are symptomatic of having the edge of a chip scratch your throat.  But again, if you're concerned, get tested to allay that concern.  
Thanks for your input. You are absolutely right about Covid. I actually got my 1/2 vaccine this past Sunday and my throat seems a bit better today.

I had heard that sore throat is a symptom of HIV and i think other STDs that's why i started to become worried.

My insurance covers for my tests so I'll probably have some done soon. Just to have the peace of mind as i do have a partner
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If you got an STD from this encounter, you would have genital symptoms. Some may give you "flu like" symptoms, but that means you'd feel tired, maybe achy.

Have you thought of covid? Your symptoms are in the correct time frame, and a sore throat is a symptom of covid. You could also have strep. See your doctor to find out what's going on.
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Thanks, I feel that my sore throat is the cause of something i may have swallowed with the drink or the chips i was eating, as it happened suddenly while i was eating and drinking,. I don't really have any genital symptoms, though. I'm not overly worried as we used the condom throughout, it's just that particular incident when the condom stayed inside her when she stood up
Also for what it's worth, she was wearing her mask the whole time. I'm not too concerned with COVID, it's the STD mostly. I know I can discard HIV as it is harder to get and we didn't really have unprotected intercourse, it's mostly that short period when she was "thrubbing" on top of me
How many days have you had the sore throat? You say you got it a week after, and it's hurt since, but not how long that's been. If it's something from the drink or chips, I wouldn't expect that to last more than 2 or 3 days.

In theory, the "thrubbing" could transmit skin-to-skin contact infections, like syphilis, hsv2, and HPV. In practice, those take some heavy friction and time to transmit, usually the kind required from penetration.

Congrats on the mask wearing. :)
The throat incident happened this past Saturday (02/27) but i felt the issue on the spot, as if I had swallowed something that hurt my throat, and it was mostly on my left throat side. It even caused me to not be able to speak, causing me to caugh. It went on for the rest of the evening and the following day. Today it still hurts a bit but not like the first day, and I feel i have flems.

The "thrubbing" lasted a couple minutes probably, but like i said, i wasn't erect, I think that's why the condom just fell off. Not sure if i was able to penetrate and when she got up it was left there, or if because of the frictioning, her vagina just kind of... "grabbed it."

She seemed careful and clean. She cleaned my genital area alcohol prior to the intercourse and put on the condom when she started doing oral to me, that's when i noticed I wasn't functioning, probably because i was nervous.

Should I get tested for STD's?
The intercouse happened on 02/19 and the throat incident on 02/27
Cleaning the area with alcohol doesn't do much to prevent STDs. It might make the experience slightly more pleasurable for her if her client is unhygienic, but won't do much else.

If she uses condoms for oral, chances are good that she uses condoms for everyone, which is good. It reduces her risk a lot - and remember that her goal here is to protect herself from you. She's not so worried about you.

All that said, even if she did none of that, your risk is theoretical, and in reality, an STD isn't going to transmit in that brief time. If you are going to continue to worry, just test and move beyond it. That's a lot easier than worrying for months, right?

I'd get your throat checked out if it lingers for more than another day or two. I'm with Paxiled - your risk for covid is probably higher than you think, and it would be worth a test if your throat doesn't clear up. Maybe you didn't get it from her, even. But get it checked in a couple of days if it's not better.
Thank you for your replies. My throat seems somewhat better today. A week prior to the encounter I was already clearing from a slight cough of which i did took a Covid test and came back negative. So my throat issue could also be that i didn't fully recovered. But i still insist it was something from the drink or the chips that caused it, as i mentioned, it happened on the spot.  

My main concern was any STD or HIV, yikes!
HIV isn't even a concern a little here. The head of your penis was covered, so there's no risk.

It does sound like your throat is from the chip thing, but I would expect that to heal soon. Those things can still get infected, which is why I suggested getting it checked after a couple of more days. You'll know if it gets worse instead of better, though. :)
Got it. I'm not too sure if the condom fell off while she was on top of me and perhaps my penis was exposed. But I guess there is really no way of knowing. What we do know is that the condom went with her when she got up
Well, chances are better that it came off with her if you didn't hold on to the base of it when she got off you. That's a common thing that happens.

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