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Have i got a std 2?

Right so i posted in here a few days ago asking if i got a std i have irritation under the foreskin 2 very small red dots and when healing the skin under my foreskin goes dry and starts to flake (dryer then it already is) however it does seem like some skin is missing like a graze but more like a very small bit of the top layer of skin is ripped off in certain areas (if there anywhere i can show pictures i will) no it does not crust over or scab up or anything like that i work in sweaty environment and used to use soap on penis when washing, however now it is not sore or nothing just maybe a bit itchy rarely. But now something else is happening my pee is a bit cloudy and when i finish urinating the tip of my head of the penis starts tingling for about 10 seconds then stops and everything is fine im really confused now i will go see a doctor but currently it is quite hard to get a appointment soon
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We can't diagnose you online. No one can. It sounds like balanitis, but as Paxiled said the other day, it could easily be a reaction to the soap, too, or rough sex and masturbation.

Is there an urgent care or walk in clinic you can go to? Are you in the UK? A lot of people in the UK have mentioned having a hard time getting appts with doctors, so I wonder if that's where you are. I think UK urgent care centers are open, and you can still get care at sexual health clinics, but you have to call first - https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/sexual-health/find-a-sexual-health-clinic

I wish we could help you more, but you really need to see a doctor. Let us know what happens.
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Can i also mention how much pee isnt always cloudy and my tip doesnt always tingle
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