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Having minor irritation on genital area

I had protected sex with a hooker and now i have this mild irritation on the base of my penis , there are no blisters pimples or any thing. just mild irritation. Its barely noticeable at times but i can tell its there. any idea what it is ? the irritation is always on one specific part not all over the area.

update i woke up and saw these 2 small pimples? idk what to make of it. im freaking out a bit more...just a tiny bit....

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I was going to ask if it is probably just friction until you updated with the 2 pimples.  While it could be nothing, that is something you need to get checked out.  Your sex was protected which is good but you can still get herpes.  However, when did you have this encounter?  Nothing shows up immediately.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322679#symptoms
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on the 1st of march...are the pimples herpes like ?
Okay.  Thank you for clarifying the timing.  I don't understand your question though, are the pimples herpes like.  There are pimples and there are herpes.  A doctor needs to swab them.  
i have no clear idea how herpes pimples or herpes in general is like . The ones i have right now , are they similar to what herpes is like or any other std ?
Are they hard bumps or blisters?

If they are harder, they might be molluscum or warts. If they are blisters, it might be herpes. In any case, you need to get to a doctor today and get them looked at. If it's herpes, the sooner you can get them swabbed, the more accurate the result will be.

Ask them to do a type specific PCR swab on it. If they can't do a PCR swab - and some places can't - ask them to do a type-specific culture. Do not let them visually diagnose you with herpes. It's wrong a lot.

Go to an urgent care or walk in clinic if you can't go to your doctor. If you are in a high covid area, call ahead and ask what their protocols are, but tell them you have symptoms that may be herpes and need to get in for swabs today.

Let us know what happens.
dude please have a look at the image link i have attached(if you have not) and if you may, give me any details you can on those 2 pimples?
I did look at the pics. I can't tell if they are hard or soft over the internet, and can't diagnose you over the internet. No one here can diagnose you because we aren't doctors.

Any doctor worth anything would tell you that lab testing needs to be done on these, and that they'd want to see them in person.

I understand that you're anxious, but bumps on the genitals really need to be diagnosed by testing. So many of them look alike, and can be misdiagnosed with a visual diagnosis, even by doctors with years of experience.
ah okay , will let you know .
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