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Help with STD/STI

Yesterday, I was doing rough intercourse with paid girl/callgirl & due to partial phimosis, I got a cut on my foreskin with 2-3drops of blood & my penis become red, I also did fingering in her vagina. After, getting that cut I removed condom & touched my cut with unwashed hands, after that I put another fresh condom with same hands & started intercourse again & ejaculated.
After, that I washed my penis with detol & soap.
I don't have any pain while urinating.
With this kind of exposure. Do, I have chances of getting any STD or STI.
Pls someone help me out with your knowledge I feel very stressed.
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From an STI point you had a small risk of syphilis and HSV...... but you could have done so much more damage by continuing to have sex with a cut on  your penis than a risk of STIs. Then putting detol on your penis is a no no! It is a delicate area so please dont do that.

But yeah, no risk from your encounter.
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So, should I take tests for hpv & syphilis tommorow and pls tell me if it can be a serious problem. And,  can I also catch HIV or any other STD from my exposure what tests should I take.
And,  also guide me with my cut although it's a small one so,  should I take any antibiotics for it or let it heal naturally ??
Let the cut heal naturally.

I wouldn't worry about any test. As it was protected syphilis and HSV is the only risk. And it isnt a huge risk. Sex workers needs to get regular testing... if it gets out they have something then they loose their job so they are pretty on it.

Both of those anyway produce sores. If she has not has any sores or lesions and you dont get anyway over the coming weeks then even better sign you dont have anything.

If you really need to, you can test for syphilis at 4-6 weeks by a blood test. HSV tests are not overly reliable so in absence of symptoms dont worry about that.

See a Dr about the phimosis. They can discuss options to help it.
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