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Hepatitis c risk from body massage

I had a body massage a few months ago. There was no actual sex of any kind. She only touched me with her hands and body and I only touched her breasts.

She kissed ear for a few seconds and I might had an open small shaving cut.

I freaked out and toke std teats twice, the second after three months. Everything came out negative, but the Hepatitis c ab(eib) came back intermediate. I’m not sure what that means and I’m scared to hell now.

I should mention that while testing, i toke Etroicoxib, that I understand may affect some blood tests.

Was I at risk to Hepatitis C from that encounter?
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You had no risk at all for hep C.

Hep C is almost never transmitted sexually, and when it is, it's almost always from unprotected anal sex. The main way it's transmitted is sharing needles for drug use, contaminated needles or other equipment used in tattooing, etc. It is only found in blood, not saliva or semen, etc.

https://www.webmd.com/hepatitis/hepatitis-false-test-results#1 - The test may mistake HCV antibodies for those for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions. You don't say why you were taking the Etroicoxib, but I wonder if maybe the condition you were taking it for is causing the indeterminate result, rather than the medication. If you have one of these conditions, you may always get these results on a hep C test, or a false positive.

In any case, a simple hep C viral load test will determine if you have it or not. They may not suggest it since you had indeterminate results, but I'd push for it if I were you, if you had any kind of risk prior - sharing needles for drug use, have tattoos, etc.

You had absolutely no risk for any STDs from the encounter you describe.  

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I took Etroicoxib to treat an orthopedic issue that had nothing to do with that. I only mentioned it, because I read that it may effect leaver related blood tests
Ohh it might, but this test is looking for certain antibodies, so I don't know the relationship to that type of medication and hepatitis antibody tests.

What is your doctor saying?

If you have none of those risk factors, chances of you having it are slim.
Actually Hepatitis c was the last thing I was worried about when I got tested, due to the ways of infection I read about. I don’t use drugs, never shares a razor or such, nor had any anal sex (active or passive), so you can imagine my confusion. I don’t really understand why the results are indeterminate.
This is one of the reasons I hate doctors doing STD work when they have no idea what they are doing. You had no - and have apparently never had - risk for Hep C. Testing like this can create unnecessary stress.

I'm sorry you're going through it.
You’re right. I’m so stressed about it, I can’t sleep, eat or work. The doctor only sent me to do a hep c pcr viral load, which I will do to make sure I have nothing.

Is it absolutely sure I had no risk? I guess I was afraid she might have touched my shaving cut with her mouth, and had some blood in her mouth that I couldn’t see.
Btw, I definitely had arthritis while testing, big it wasn’t rheumatoid arthritis.
Do you have your results yet?

My guess is that the arthritis gave you a false positive, even if it wasn't RA. Both are still autoimmune disorders.

It is absolutely no risk. If your cut had started healing, the scab would block her blood. Also, for her to have enough blood in her mouth to transmit hep C, she wouldn't be kissing you, and you wouldn't be letting her. :)
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