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Hi doctor's can get STD by men rubbed me

Last month I was sexually assaulted by man he rubbed my anus with his penis covered by his underwear and also my underwaer on I'm scared can I catch hiv or any STD by this way ?
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Sorry about the assault.  I hope that you reported it and you may want to consider some type of counseling now post assault as I'm sure that is mentally traumatic. You can NOT get an std through underwear, however.  His rubbing his penis on you through his underwear will NOT transmit an STD.  Includes std's and hiv.  No risk.
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thank you for your help I still suffer from the effects of this exposure to this day and I notice Something like little yellow water but no yellow is something like that comes out of my anus I also suffer from hemorrhoids and I think that is STD or something like that
No, that's not an std.  You won't get an std through his underwear.  It just doesn't happen.  If you have anxiety, do get help from professionals for that.  
Thank you sir
Can I ask you does semen across underwear and go to my anus sir I think I have hiv symptoms
Nope, you will not get an std through underwear and especially not HIV.  HIV is only spread by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse (no condom, with penetration) or sharing IV drug needles.  No risk.
yesterday i tested hiv and syphilis after 40 days the test is negative . Thank you  for your advice and your effort .
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