I have 2 questions:
1. Yesterday I had a swab test from the urethra. The test was performed in the afternoon and 20 min after I have urinated.
Will the test results be accurate? I read that the test should have been done at least 2 hours after urination?

The Doc. did an ultrasound of my testicles, my kidneys and a urine test. She said she does not see any need for further tests even I have pain in my testicles and pelvic and after urination I have some burning pain on the head of my penis for a short time. So I insisted for the swab test.

2. She asked me if I have discharge. How should this look like and what is the amount of the fluid for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoe?
I have some little wetness but can this be called discharge?


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I don't know why chlamydia is taking longer. The lab would have to answer that.

Do you know what the bacteria is? If you don't, you should find out.
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No, I do not know. The doctor's assistant told me via phone that gonorrhea is negative and other Std as well. I asked for chlamydia and she told me to call tomorrow. She told me that i have some bakteria which are pretty common and that probaly I would not even need to take antibotics. After  I told her that I have still testicle pain she asked the doctor who prescribed the levofloxacin (5 pills). My anexity is growing. I decided not  to take the pills until I have the full result.  What do you think?
Find out what the bacteria is before taking the pills. When they call you with the chlamydia results, ask them for the name of the bacteria. Some bacteria is normal, others aren't, and some normal bacteria can overgrow and cause problems.

But find out what it is, and we can go from there. If they say it's mycoplasma, find out if it's mycoplasma genitalium or mycoplasma hominis. There are also different types of ureaplasma bacteria, so find out which one it is if they mention that one. Make them be specific - you have a right to know what they found.
Auntijesse, if i have mycoplasma g. than it is a std?  I hate that  my urogolist ist not telling me whats going on. Why Antibiotic if there are just "normal" bacteria?

Here what I read from an Article:Here we examine the temporal association between the M genitalium infection status shortly before HIV seroconversion and HIV acquisition.

Am I getting HIV?
I got my test result. Chlamydia negative but plentiful entrococus faecalis.
You aren't getting HIV, and MG is an STD, but it has nothing to do with HIV.

You don't have MG, so that's good.

Here's some info on the bacteria they did find -



Looks like you have a urinary tract infection? Did they mention that?

The urologist assistante just said that the bacteria is common but if  I have pain i should take the antibiotics which the doc recommends. The antibiotic levofloxacin is the first choice in that case. levofloxacin  is mentioned on the lab result too as sensibel. Others are resistend.
Then take the antibiotic. I hope you feel better!
Thanks for all your support. I hope they will cure my pain.
You mentioned "You don't have MG, so that's good."
If clamydia is negative is mg negative as well?
No, MG is a separate infection. You should confirm that the testing they did would have found that.
Wait, though.

If this is all from the lap dance where you kept your pants on, you don't need to do an MG test. If you've had unprotected sex with anyone, then yes, you should check that out, but you had NO RISK for anything from the lap dance even if you did touch her vagina.

Have you had unprotected sex before? If you haven't, then this is not an STD concern, and you need to continue to work with your doctors.

I did not had unprotected sex.
Just looked ar the lab result again. Negativ for tripper and chlamydia. physologigal flora: entero. Faecalis positive. Would Mg be listed under physological flora?



https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318337.php#Known-infections - it is known to cause urinary tract infections.

You had no risk for an STD. It doesn't matter what MG is because you had no risk for it. You have a bacteria that can cause UTIs. Follow up with your doctor about that. It's not an STD.

Today I was at another urologist because mine is on vacation. He checked my penis and did an ultrasound of my testicles . He said that he does not see anything which could explain my testicle pain. I should relax. UTI would be seen in urine. Also the swab test showed nothing.
Follow up with your urologist when they come back.

Again, this is not an STD concern. Could it be anxiety? Talk to your doctor about that.

Best of luck to you.
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If you had done a urine test, it would matter when you last urinated. You did a swab test, so it doesn't.

If you had discharge, you'd see it on your underwear. Depending on the infection, the discharge may be yellowish, milky, or clear.

I'm not sure what other tests there are for you for your testicle pain. The tests she's done should identify anything that's happening here. Is she a urologist? If she isn't, and her tests don't find anything, your next step should be a urologist.
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She is an urologist. She did not find anything in urine. She said there is no UTI. She did an ultrasound of my testicles and said that they are ok. She did an ultrasound of my kidneys and said they are ok too.

The only thing left, if it hasn't been done, is to check your prostate - https://www.healthline.com/health/testicle-pain

Prostata was not checked. I read that chlamydia could cause such symptoms but if I do not have an UTI chlamydia is not an option (chlamydia causes UTI)?
Orchitis would have been detected by the ultrasound? ( inflammation of the testicles, usually triggered by a virus or bacterial infection).

What are they doing the swab test for, if not chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Chlamydia doesn't cause a UTI. A UTI is a different infection.

Orchitis causes your scrotum to be swollen, and yours isn't. The ultrasound can rule out testicular torsion, which can cause similar symptoms, though -  https://www.healthline.com/health/orchitis#diagnosis

To diagnose orchitis, which it doesn't sound like you have, you need a physical exam, possibly including a prostate exam.

Really, the only thing left to do is a prostate exam.

This is not my area of expertise. We have a urology forum - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Urology/show/52 - that may help.

You didn't have an STD risk from the encounter you describe here - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs---STIs/STD-HIV-after-Lapdance/show/3051965 If all of these questions are from that encounter, then you are over reaching. You had no STD risk. Talk to your doctor about a prostate exam, and post in Urology, but you don't have an STD risk.

Yes, all my question are related to my first post.  The urologist told me that she does not think that I have a chlamydia etc.  She agreed to do the swab test to calm myself down.  I am waiting for the result...
I was just wondering if she had not to wait 1-2 hours with the swab after I had urinated?
Yes, these questions are all regarding my first post.
The urologist agreed to do the swab to calm me down. She does not think that I have chlamydia etc.

I was just wondering if she had not to wait 1-2 hours with the swab after I had urinated?

All my symptoms started 10 days after my Strip Club visit.
Trust me you need a microgen dx test. You are going to end up like me. I had all the tests done, auntijessi could punch me if I was in front of her. She explained it to me so many times but my discomfort would not let me see what she was saying. You are thinking on something else that is not even related. Anyways the microgen dx test will test you for everything about 35-40 bacterias including std bacterias (will not test for viruses) so it's up to you if you want to keep playing their game. Trust me, I learned the hard way.
The swab test is for Mycosis and several Bacterias. Hope they find something which can explain the pain.

For me it is hard to believe that my pain is not related to a STD because the symptoms started 10 days after my strip club visit. But I need to calm down.

I  really appriciate all the feedback I got.
No problem, I understand. It has been 6 months for me already but the test really helped me out. I'm not telling you to do it but look into it and if you think it might work for you then go for it I'd not then just disregard it. I just don't want you to go through all the pain, headaches, tests, drs incompetence... etc. Take care bud and we are here to help as much as possible.
Thanks! I will talk to my doctor about the test.
Today i received some results. No std bakteria so far. Chlamydia result is pending. Why?
I got some bakteria but they are usual that is what the urologist told me.  Asking why I have still pain in my testicle...he gave me the antibiotikum levofloxacin for 5 days.
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The swab will be accurate, that little wetness you are describing that is the discharge, there should not be any wetness.
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Sorry. I don't agree with your opinion. The wetness might not be a discharge. It can be caused by the remaining urine after urination.
I am pretty much concerned of my testicle pain. I am wondering why my doc. Said that she does not see the need to do further testing. Is urine test for urethis and ultrasound accurate enought to identify an std?
Everything that is above few mililiters of liquid that comes out of the urethra after urination points out to a problem, so if there is wetness immediately after urination then it is a problem,maybe not a serious one but certainly something to be looked at.
I looked at it quite every few hours and in the morning. No wetness so not discharge?
Are you sure with the accuracy? I have read that the last urination should be 1 hour before the test
You didn't have a risk. Testing accuracy here doesn't matter. The swab is always the most accurate, but you HAD NO RISK.

This is not an STD concern.
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Hey Jim,

So I was reading your other post.nthe answers that were given to you by Life and auntijessi are correct. Thay are very trained and now their stuff. As far your current issue maybe your having a stress related issue. However, I will advise you from been having drs touching and looking at your penis. I don't know but you could possible get an infection that way. It happened to me and still battling it. Your best bet is trust the results and advice from the guys. Urine analysis and traditional cultures are not really reliable anymore. If you something more accurate and sensitive they a microgen dx test as this test is more sensitive and picks up more than one bacteria at the same time. I wish you the best and like the guys said your episode had 0 risk! Keep us posted and I wish you the best, good luck!
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