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How likely was that my syphillis test was a false positive.


30f I've had 2 sexual exposures. One was in August 25,2020, we had intercourse he took of condom during intercourse ejaculation inside of me might have occurred. Then another one on Jan 13, 2021 we did not have intercourse  he manually Penetrated me. Between Aug/2020 and Dec/2020. I took 3 test first one was on Sept 14 2020 4 weeks after exposure I took a full panel std test  everything was negative. On Oct/2020 took a hiv,hepc and syphillis antibodies  rapid test all negative. On mid dec 2020 took another hiv, hepc,and syphillis antibodies rapid test also negative. Then had the second exposure wich was just manual stimulation fast forward to feb 24 2021 6 week after manual stimulation took another full panel std test wich came back positive for syphillis no antibodies detected but my lite control was 1:1 with germ detection. Since then they gave me a intibiotic shot is it possible  I caught  it from manual stimulation or was it the exposure 6 m.ago?
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A 1:1 is likely a false positive. Did they do a confirmation test? If they did, and the confirmation test was positive, then it isn't.

Of course, that would be really confusing because your tests after the penetrative encounter were negative, though the rapid test isn't as accurate as a blood test. Still, a 1:1 is really low, and I'd expect it to be higher.

Syphilis is transmitted by direct skin to skin contact - unclothed oral to genital, genital to genital, or anal to genital. It is not spread by hands.

If you can find out exactly what tests were done, that would be really helpful. It would say something like VDRL or RPR, then FTA-ABS or TPPA or TPHA.

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Thank you for your response. The test for syphillis done on Sept 14th,2020 was done at 4 weeks after exposure was done by Rpr method came back negative. The one done on Febuary 24th,2021 was also done by Rpr and came back reactive  with a lite of 1:1 with no antibodies detected. They decided to treat me for syphillis instead of doing a confirmatory test. I did have symptoms reason why I tested so often since exposure on August 16th, 2020. The symptoms were vaginal discharge that hasn't cleared up kept getting diagnosed as a yeast infection. Also been having occasional had neuropathy on arms and some sore throat symptoms as well.

symptoms of vaginal discharge and yeast infection aren't precursors for syphilis, but instead you would see an ulceration or chancre/small sore.  

As my good friend antijessi said, probably a false positive, and usually they do the test twice.

See here:

-Be well.

Do want to warn you, as your symptoms are consistent with a persistent yeast or other infection, taking antibiotics can turn this into a bigger problem.  I would look into taking a very good refrigerated probiotic for protection and consume some good prebiotic foods as well so you don't get caught in a spiral of infections.  I realize the doc is just being cautious, but it is odd after so many negative tests you got a positive one and the doc didn't question that and confirm since you can't get it from someone's hand.  Best of luck.
It is really unfortunate that your doctor didn't do a confirmation test. My guess is that this is a false positive, and you got antibiotics you didn't need.

Have they tested the discharge, or are they just treating for yeast just as a guess? If they are just guessing, you really need new doctors. This could be yeast, bacterial vaginosis, another STD, or a variety of other things, but they need to test you to find out what it is.

Taking a good probiotic is a good idea, no matter what your discharge turns out to be.
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