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How long can chlamydia go untreated to cause infertility in male?

I was tested positive for chlamydia after 4 week I had a new sexual partner. I got treatment for it right away after I was tested positive.

What are the chances it affected my fertility?

How long can chlamydia go untreated before it can affect male fertility?
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It would be much longer than 4 weeks - usually several months to years.

You're fine. Avoid any sexual contact for 7 days or until your medication is gone, whichever is longer. You'll be fine. :)
Appreciate your quick response. Just want to be a little more clean several months as in 3 or more?
Oh it would take longer than 3 months, most likely. Everyone is different, but it's not something I'd worry about unless you've had the infection for longer than several months.
It wouldn’t be several months and it happen in 2018. I was just checking all my test and it was more like 5 weeks after I had unprotected sex. Which is why I wanted to clear if 5 weeks to 2 months is enough time to affect my fertility? Just a little paranoid as I would like to start a family with my girlfriend.
If that is your worry, you can ask your doctor to refer you to get a sperm test. It doesn't sound like you have a problem, but that would put your concerns to rest.
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To cause infertility chlamydia has to progress to the testicles, to the tubes that carry sperm to the sacks, and it has to left unchecked until has caused irreparable tissue damage, now if you have had testicle inflammation, and that lingered with months or years infertility is a possible, but it would be unlikely, there are other more concerning causes of infertility than chlam.  If you are concerned you can take action, improve your testosterone levels, improve you diet  and start taking supplements that promote male urogenital health...or you can always test and confirm whether your fertility was affected.
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