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Hpv and warts

So as far as i know most people can fight off hpv within their body within 2 years without having symtoms and that they become immuned with that strain of hpv. But what if one had sex with a person who has visible warts but his/her body was immune to that typical strain of hpv then can he/she get warts? Is it definately that one would get warts if had sex with a person who has visible warts?
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Where were the warts?  Since there are tons of strains of HPV it would be impossible for you to identify if you've ever been exposed to that particular strain as a visual.  I would assume you haven't and if someone has visible genital warts, take a pass on sex with them for the time being or use a condom.  
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maybe this article would help you.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/4209-genital-warts/prevention
Well, i kinda had sex with someone and before and after intercorse i did not notice or feel any visible warts on his genital/anal. But i'm not completely sure if he has warts or not. So i wanted to know in case he did have warts and i had sex with him does that mean that im surely going to get warts? Or will my body fight off the virus before it causes warts?
We used to keep in touch and he did say that he doesn't have any warts as i remember. But can't take that for certain because we dont know each other very well
So to make it easier to understand. Hpv can transmit through sex without warts right? Some people might not get infected and most adults are immune to hpv so it is not 100% contagious. But if that person has visible warts then would it be more contagious? If i have sex with someone who has visible warts does it mean i will 100% get warts or is it the same thing? Warts are more contagious then the virus itself?
No, you contract genital warts from someone else's genital warts.  And true, you can have skin to skin contact with someone's wart and still not get the virus.  There are enough strains of warts that most people have them at some point in their life and they recover naturally from them.  If you didn't see a wart and you haven't gotten a wart after being with him, then this is kind of worry circle that will go nowhere and isn't based on anything real.  That's anxiety.  So, I would understand that unless you get a wart yourself, you're good.  You didn't get warts from him and if you ever do get a wart, this is common and not to freak out over.  It sounds like you didn't see a wart and haven't developed any so I'd just let this go.  
HPV can transmit without the presence of warts - there are strains that don't present with warts. Even those strains that give people genital warts can transmit when no symptoms are present.

Symptoms don't mean 100% transmission, but it really does increase the risk, though if condoms were used, that can help reduce it.

How long ago was this encounter? It sounds like awhile. If it's been several months and you haven't seen symptoms, you can let it go.

It's been about 4 years and we didn't use condom so after that incident i used Prep.  
I also think that after so long with no symptoms i didnt catch hpv or that my body has already got rid of it and about a years ago the guy also told me that he still didn't have any warts beside herpes around his mouth even though he had had sex with 2 more guys before me.
Also, it is said that 1 out of 10 cases the virus can persists and symptoms may show but even if that happen can the body still clear up the virus afterward?
Is hpv infection permanent?
Im sorry for probably spamming the comments but i can not delete what i have posted. So i will add 1 more comment: "Is hpv infection pemanent even if it has already caused warts?" Or should i say "If i got warts due to hpv infection will my body get rid of both the warts plus the infection altogether?" I'm very grateful for your knowledge and health infomations that you provided. Because not all health infos on google are legit and i have seen people got ripped off by some websites that told them they are infected and required treatments even though they have no symptoms.
4 years ago? Whatever you got is gone. You never had symptoms, and even if you got a strain that doesn't give you warts, it's gone now.

HPV is not permanent. It clears from your body within 2 years for 90% of people, and it can take longer for others, but without any visible symptoms or problems, there's no reason to assume you got it, or if you did, that it's lingering in your body.

Your partner only had 2 partners before you, so he's not that high risk either.

There is no treatment for men for HPV unless you have warts. Don't get sucked into that.

It's been 4 years. You really can let this go. Let yourself have peace. Use condoms, get the HPV vaccine, and let this go. :)
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