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Is pheripheral neuropathy associated with any STDs?

I had all the symptoms like rash on face, sore throat, fungus on foreskin, tight foreskin, night sweat and chills.
Pain started in pelvic and than radiate to right foot. Especially in foot palm. Cant sleep with the pain.

Had unprotected oral sex 35 days ago (exposure :30 Oct - till 4 Dec)

after 9 days : sore throat, rashes on face, night sweats. The following days were fungus on foreskin, tight foreskin, dry skin on face like dandruff,pelvic pain following with pain in foot associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. Loss 3 kgs in one 2 weeks. When having bj, the boy cut my foreskin with his teeth accidentally, continue and ejaculate in mouth. Now vibrations in the body when moving.

Did a FBC test and lymphocytes are 24.10 ( Range 20% - 40 %).
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Dear all,

Ive done a STD test tday and here is the results :

1) HIV 1 & 2  -  NON REACTIVE

2) VDRL & TPA Syphilis - NEGATIVE

3) Anti Herpes 2 LgG - 6.6 ( Normal range < 20 )
     Anti Herpes 2 LgM - 0.4 ( Normal range <20)

4) Anti chlamydia lgG and lgA

Anti CHL lgM  3 U/ml
Anti CHL lgA   6.3 U/ml

Note from laboratory for the anti-chlamydia trachomatis antibodies:

1) Result Interpretation : Anti Chlamydia lgG and lgA - Negative :  25 U/m'
2)  After primary infection, lgM and lgA and lgG can be detected succesively,
3) lgM antibodies are characteristics for acute chlamydia infection,
4)lgA antibodies indicate ongoing progression of a persistent infection,
5) lgG antibodies are markers present irrespective of disease stage.

Please guys, should i bother about the Herpes and Chlamydia Results or are they normal?

Thanks for the clarifications :)
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Range for chlamdydia

negative below 20 u/ml
         Borderline 20 - 25 ml
          Positive above 25 u/ml
Yes, they are normal, but if you have questions, you should talk to your doctor. All of your tests show that you do not have any of the STDs you were tested for.

We already advised you that your symptoms were not STD-related. Have you worked with a doctor to find the cause of them?
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This is not an STD. I hope you are working with your doctor to find the cause.
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More Symptoms : Yellow saliva (Drool on pillow) + Nose bleeding and mouth bloody blisters
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No, peripheral  neuropathy  is not caused by std's.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peripheral-neuropathy/symptoms-causes/syc-20352061  That is a full list of things that would be associated with neuropathy.  There are lots of viruses that can cause respiratory things and sore throat.  Move on from std fears.
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