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Is this Syphillis?


I was banned from medhelp so, i couldn't post last 3 months,,

I had a scab on my penis 2 months back, 2 days after i masturbated roughly,am not sure whether there is a connection,,

I have attached some pics in my profile, sorry if its gross,, but i want to know if its syphilis..

It started of as pink rash,with little dept in the center..

but next day it started to dry off,and dry skin fell off on day 4,, it took more than a week for the scab to clear.. after the second week i was not even able to the scar,,I havent gone to doctor yet,,

My last syphilis test was on Nov 2011 ,i have not had any risky encounters after my test,,

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we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

why haven't you been seen yet if you are worried about your symptoms?  go and be seen today or tomorrow and get real answers instead of raising your anxiety by posting online and having folks guess!

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Here is a link to the pics,, they are captioned as Day 1 and Day 2

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