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Is this genital wart?

I got unprotected oral bj 2 years back. I am getting small bump since then. It doesn't cause any pain. But i am getting something like this for 2 yrs. I have another 2 small bumps. Can you guys tell is it genital warts. Can trimmer cause this issue. I used trimmer for 3 times, it does pull hair a lot.
Please waiting for reply.

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It might be a HPV-cause wart. Or not. If it only could be that easy to diagnose skin lesions based on photos - we wouldn't need those dermatologists at all!
It could be a scar from a healed ingrown hair or folliculitis, could be molluscum, could be a trimmer accident scar, could be something else.
If you are worried it may be HPV, you should show it to the doctor, preferably, a dermatologist, or a STI-specialist.  
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