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Itchless, Painless, Small Red Spots On Penis


About 8 weeks ago I had a one night stand - unprotected vaginal sex (brief - 20 seconds maybe). I am an uncircumcised male, 22 years old.

About 14 days ago I noticed about 5 red spots on the shaft of my penis, underneath my foreskin, aswell as 1 or 2 on the head of my penis. There were small (1/2mm in diameter). They disappeared the following day. A few days later, some more appeared in different locations, and as I rolled my foreskin back over the head of my penis, I could imagine them being coincident on top of each other - i.e. the same place when my foreskin wasn't pulled back. For the past 14 days these spots have been disappearing and reappearing - sometimes with 3 or 4 days between them. Always different locations. The number seemed to decrease after I stopped using shower gel to wash under the foreskin, although yesterday there were two which are now gone and today a single one appeared in a different location.

Again, no itching, no burning, no pain, no puss, no ulceration, no other problems urinating or pain anywhere else in my body and no other signs to speak of.

I had never had anything like this before, and so naturally I'm desperately worried that the spots are signs of an HSV-1 or HSV-2 infection, despite the fact they don't seem to be 'typical' symptoms.

I've spoken to a doctor, unfortunately there was nothing to see on that particular day and despite showing him pictures, he told me to come back at a time when they were visible. I can understand his position, though I felt he was a bit dismissive.

There does seem to be a few specialists on the forum, and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice as to the cause of these, much less give me some information to go back to the doctor with, questions to ask, tests to suggest, etc...

Many thanks.

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So after about 6 weeks of the 'appearing disappearing' scenario the spots disappeared completely.

Then about 5 days ago, after a girl was a bit 'overzealous' with my penis, they began to appear again. One or two, moving around different locations over a number of hours.

I'm going to head to the doctors on Tuesday but does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Again no itch, no pain, no burning...
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Hi your symptoms dont seem hsv related but they may be a fungus infection. I would suggest seeing a doctor to make sure all is ok.
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I should also add... they are not in any way 'clustered' together but infact seem to be completely randomly spaced.
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