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Itchy urethra opening men

On 25. of desember last year I had anal sex with my girlfriend ! After a week I developed itchiness on side of my glans( penis ), and went to my GP and got pimafucort ( a cream used to treat fungal and bacterial skin infection on skin) and also the doctor gave me an antibiotic for E.coli because I had burning sensation when urinating, in this period I developed a fever but I did not test myself for covid, so maybe covid . After A week or 10 days i did not realize any changes and then my gp advice me to take a STD panel test and gave me amoxicillin  for one more week. My std test came back negative but my symptoms didn’t go away. So I went to an urologist and he examined me and took a swap test and also prescribed me doxycycline and flucanzole(fungal infection pills). My symptoms got better but I wasn’t fully healed, and I developed meatus irritation(itchiness) and clear discharge , I thought it was just my body trying to recover from the infection. But right after that I got pain in my lower abdomen and under my testicales , So I went back to the urologist and he said maybe the infection has traveled to my prostata and he examined me and told me that it is fine but prescribed me another antibiotics for another week for being on the safe side that the infection does not travel to my kidneys. I also went to a dermatologist two weeks later ( I gave up on the urologist) because I still had the itchiness and he gave me a boric acid and triderm(antibacterial and hydrocortisone cream), which I use to wash my meatus two times a day and apply the cream , it helped me alot but the symptoms haven’t gone away completely! Iam a Medical student , maybe Iam overthinking this ? But for sure there are symptoms that I know are present. I been in healthcare my whole life and this is effecting my everyday life…
Any help would be appericated !  
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Wow, so first of all, you have been on a lot of antibiotics - none of which actually treat or cure an STD, at least the ones you've named.

Secondly, testing you for an STD while you are on or recently took an antibiotic can give you a false negative result.

However, how long have you been with your girlfriend? How likely is it that she has an undetected anal STD? Have you had anal sex with her in the past?

If your urologist thought you had an infection in your prostate, did he do a prostate exam? Any imaging?

At this point, I think I would wait for 2-3 weeks after you are off all antibiotics and do urine testing for STDs, have it cultured for other bacteria like E.Coli, and do some imaging - like an ultrasound - of the area.

Does your girlfriend know you are going through all this? It would be very easy for her to get tested for STDs while you wait. She could get vaginal/urine testing done, and anal swabs done, too. If she's negative, that would help narrow down your answers.

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Thank you for your answer ! So i went back and checked my emails , and noticed that when I took the std tests I was only on the cream and I started with the antibiotics the same day or the day after , do you still think I need to do the std test again ? When I went to see my urologist he examined my prostata by putting his finger inside my rectum to see if i got acute prostatis or not but we havent done any imaging ! I study in another country so my girlfriend lives back Home , and she is gonna Get tested in 2-3 weeks because of corona there are limited places! It is just the itchiness that bothers me and I have no other symptoms like discharge or urinary problems( just a smell to it. My urologist told me maybe it is because of hard anal sex and this was the first time I had anal sex with my girlfriend and it was tight! What do you think my next step should be ? The itchiness comes and goes but some day more than others, makes me nervous
No, the cream wouldn't cause false negatives.

When you feel the itching, are you more anxious and worried about things and then notice the itching? Are you feeling guilty or shameful about the anal sex? Maybe you notice it more when you are hyper-focused? Maybe not - it's just a possibility.

So since your tests are valid, you can assume it's not an STD. Maybe it's E. Coli, or anxiety, maybe you're dehydrated. Do you drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol?

If it was just irritation from hard anal sex, it would be gone by now, almost 2 months later.

Appericate your answer @auntiejessi ! I try to drink alot of water , and I cut off alot on the caffeine and I dont drink alcohol. Yes sometimes it even starts when Iam thinking about it , Iam not shamefule but yes I think Iam focusing alot on it , some days it is even gone but I try to tell my selv that everything is gonna be ok and it is normal to make mistakes but somehow it is in the back of head , It is only because I want it to fully heal, as you say maybe there is some feeling of guilty, but I remmeber having it with my ex girlfriend and there was never a problem and did go on vacation recently to my family in a warm place and Iam feeling better mentaly as well. As you say maybe it has gotten the best of me , all the stress from Medical school and this together , did a urine analysis as my doctor told me came back negative on both white blood cells and nitrate! The only thing that makes me nervous is the itchiness that comes and goes no other symptoms…
Hey dude, I had the exact same thing and I hope I can help...

I wont go into the whole story but I had every symptom of an STI. Saw a GP and urologist like you and everything was pretty much ok and had about 9 different antibiotics which cause their own issue. I was diagnosed with CPPS - Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. Again I wont go into details of what it is but you can google it. Theres plenty of forums like reddit etc where its discussed.

What cured it for me was increasing water, cutting down caffeine for a short bit and doing stretching every night before bed and it actually help. I will link a video here of the one that helped me. Anxiety can trigger it as well as causes the muscles to tense.


and also I used this one


Im not saying you do have it but stretching for 10 minutes a night shouldnt be too hard and it could help :)
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