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Mutual masturbation with pre-*** - what is my risk?

Hi, thanks for being here for inexperienced, worried folks like me!
I'm a man and I recently hooked up with a guy and we masturbated each other. I understand this is a low risk activity, however, he produced a lot of pre-cum and I inadvertently rubbed my penis with his pre-cum on my hands. He also had a lot on his hands whilst masturbating me. Two questions: given the amount of rubbing involved, does this warrant getting tested or should I wait and see if anything develops? How long should I wait to get tested if you think it is necessary?
Thank you
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this wasn't a risk. no need for any testing.

I always recommend if your pants are off, wear a condom. That way if things go further than just manually masturbation, you have less to worry about :)

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I don't think there is any real risk to you here.  While his pre-cum may have got onto the skin on the outside of your penis, unless there was an unhealed cut in the skin on or near your penis I can't see any way that it could have entered your body or your bloodstream.  Nothing to worry about here.

Disclaimer - I'm just a (fairly well-read and intelligent) random bloke.  I have NO medical training, no special knowledge, and no valid claim to know what I'm talking about beyond my own limited experience and reading.
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