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Mycoplasma Genitalium Lefamulin Treatment

If you have a persistent mycoplasma genitalium infection that has failed azithromycin and Moxifloxacin, urge your doctor to try Lefamulin (Xenleta). This is a new and very promising antibiotic and could be the hope those need for untreatable mycoplasma infections.

Lefamulin is now available through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. Please look into this and demand that you try it. I would pretreat with 2 weeks of minocycline and then go with 2 weeks of Lefamulin followed by 2 more weeks of minocycline.

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Fellow long time Multidrug Resistant Mycoplasma Genitalium  sufferer here.  I dealt with MG for close to a year and threw every antibiotic at it to no avail to include Doxycycline, Azithromycin, and Moxifloxacin.  I tested positive every time after discontinuing the ABX treatment and the symptoms would return.
At the beginning of the year my ID Doctor and I decided to try long term antibiotics. Many will say that it doesn’t require that and I disagree with them due to the fastidious nature of this bacteria I would say that resistant cases will require long term use.
I ended up taking 3 months of minocycline 100mg twice a day alongside Interfase Plus which is a biofilm destroyer and all of Stephen buhners herbal protocols for mycoplasma.
It’s been 4 months since I have been off of antibiotics and I have tested negative 5 times now and the discharge, itching, biting urination never returned.
I do have some mild prostatitis due to inflammation of the nerves for so long which will hopefully diminish with time according to my ID. Testing negative and getting rid of those symptoms has been a godsend though.

If anyone has any questions about MG that’s drug resistant feel free to DM me I know how terrifying this thing can be and how much it can make you suffer.
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Hi there.  This looks very interesting but as far as I can see from looking at the FDA website, and forgive me if I'm wrong, this drug is only approved for the treatment of Pneumonia.  It has been studied for treating MG in vitro only (looks like it could be a breakthrough) but as yet has not had any patient trials.  I don't mean to rain on your parade dude and like I said, perhaps I'm wrong (not from the states so I don't know a great deal about how the FDA works), but as far as I can see this is not an approved drug for use against STIs so I can't see any doctor prescribing it.  Also, the pharmacy website comes up with nothing when either Lefamulin or Xenleta is searched
Once again, sorry if my information is incorrect and I know you want to help people but please be careful in giving people (myself included) false hope
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You are absolutely correct in the fact it’s been approved for pneumonia. But off label prescriptions are done all the time, at least here in the US in cases where there are no other options.

It’s such a new drug that of course there’s limited proof it would work in vivo. But how do you think Moxifloxacin became an option? In vitro evidenced suggested it would work..and it did for a while.

If you have studied MG at all and all the research that is out there you’ll know that Lefamulin holds the hope of many for the treatment of not only pneumonia but also the atypical type of bacteria that cause infections.

Believe me, the last thing I’m going to do is try to give false hope. That’s not my motivation.

If you are outside the US, and suffering from MG, if you haven’t tried long term minocycline, that may be worth a shot.
I wasn't debating it's effectiveness, just it's availability. But if a doc can write a prescription for it then that's cool.
Thanks for clearing it up
Right now, if you’re in the US, and your doc prescribed it to you, yes it’s available. You’d just have to sign a release that you understand that your taking a drug for off label use.
No worries. Please know one thing, this infection has damaged and changed me forever. All I’m trying to do with my days left are to help as many people as I can. If I can help just one person perhaps find a break through it’s worth it. This has robbed me of my security of health. A security I took for granted. I’ve really been struggling mentally and I pray that somehow someway there’s a way out of this so I can get a second chance as living a good life. For the last 2 years I’ve just been surviving. But it’s not a sustainable way to live. How we can have untreatable infections being spread around with hardly any awareness for it is beyond terrifying. I’ve lived like this for 2 years. It’s been the worst hell I could even imagine.

I pray that I can find a doctor who has the knowledge of how MG is so different from other infections. That testing is so often done wrong and can so easily bring a false negative.

Lefamulin has the ability to be a ray of hope, at least for now. Now we need to see if it actually is and the only way to know is to try it.
" That testing is so often done wrong and can so easily bring a false negative"
Can I ask where this information is from?  What is done wrong at the stage of testing?
Testing while on antibiotics. Testing too close to being on antibiotics. Not testing FVU. Samples get contaminated. PCR’s not running correctly. I don’t have the articles off hand but in looking at the verification on various test, even the most reliable test will miss 1 in 20 infections. If you have symptoms that can not be explained by the typical infections, then you have to keep digging.
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