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NGU symptoms?

Is the discharge associated with NGU something that occurs all day? Or just in the morning?
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Not here to discredit anyone but I would disagree with the answer that the discharge could not only be present in the morning. Over the last year I battled with a multi drug resistant strain of Mycoplasma Genitalium and I would have a single drop of white/yellow discharge in the morning EVERY SINGLE MORNING, and ONLY in the morning.  I think everyone may develop symptoms slightly different but it’s definitely possible.
I had many other symptoms to include itching, burning urination, swollen tip, frequent urination. I took a myriad of antibiotics too; doxy Azithromycin, Moxifloxacin, none of it worked.
I eventually ended up taking 3 months of minocycline along with some supplements and herbal tinctures that I think really helped. I have been off of antibiotics for 4 months now and have tested negative multiple times.
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That's fair, but you were undergoing treatment, and that could have slowed your symptoms down, even if it wasn't curing you.

Also, in many men, a single drop of discharge in the morning IS normal and doesn't indicate an infection, even if an infection is present.

https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/4426-nongonococcal-urethritis-in-men/management-and-treatment -

"You can check yourself for discharge by gently squeezing the penis. The best time to do this is when you get up in the morning before you urinate. Clear fluid from the penis is normal. A discharge that looks like milk or pus means that you still have an infection. Don't check for discharge more than once a day. Squeezing the penis more often may cause irritation and discharge even when there is not an infection."

I'm not saying you didn't have an infection. I'm certain you did. We just get a lot of men here who squeeze looking for discharge, and in most cases (gonorrhea, for example) the discharge isn't just one single drop in the morning.

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Any STD discharge would not occur just in the morning, and I feel like we covered that last week?

If you are concerned that you have an STD, just go get checked. It's been 12 days since you had the unprotected oral, and you can test now.
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So I thought I would let you know that my Gon and Chla tests came back negative. Few more questions though...I still haven't noticed any overt discharge during the day, but this morning I saw like a crusty white/yellowish spot on my underwear upon waking up. Is this normal? I think my anxiety is getting the best of me but I just like to be sure. Should I still be worried about NGU or since I'm not noticing any overt discharge during the day, should I put it behind me? Oh and I really need to stop squeezing, opening and checking every 30 minutes, its driving me insane...
You sound a lot like me , with the constant checking. It can become an obsession. To be certain can you get checked at an std clinic? Somewhere that has microscopy that can check for wbc?  Sorry, I don't know your exposure but if there's a reason to get tested in the first place then it is worth being tested for NGU
Limit yourself to one check a day. You could be causing more irritation with the constant crotch watch.

Yes, what is your exposure? Excellent question.
Auntiejessi, I'm the same one who asked the other day about the receiving oral?  Was just following up with you
Will you respond to the comment I made this morning pleaase?
Okay, sorry. It helps me if all of your questions are in one place so I can have all the info together.

I do think that you should be checked for NGU, if for no other reason than to make sure you're all clear. NGU is a risk from receiving oral, and while the discharge you are seeing may be normal, or may be from you checking so often, you should rule it out.

You could also stop checking for a few days, see if you see any more symptoms, and then make a testing decision based on that.

And seriously - stop the crotch watch. If you get symptoms, you'll know it.
Last question I promise, so just to be clear, what kind of discharge does NGU produce? Will it like drip out and be colored or what? I wouldn't have to milk it out correct?
I personally had to milk it out in the morning, not hard or anything just squeezed from the base to the tip and a glob of pus would drip out.
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