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Oral sex and stds

I have slept with a girl two days ago and there were two things I am worried about.
Firstly, I lost erection while she was on top but still we continued, and the condom was still on all the time covering two thirds of my penis
Second, I went down on her and gave her oral sex, on the upper part mainly (clitoris) while it was wet and I tried not to swallow immediately, but I noticed last night my teeth gum to be red and swell which is probably from drinking that night

My question is: am I at any risk of hiv? Should I go for a PEP?
Thanks in advance
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No risk of HIV at all from this so no, you do not need PEP.

The condom covered the head of your penis, this means you are safe from chlamydia, gono, NGU, mycoplasma etc which is good :) A very SLIGHT risk (I mean very very slight) of syphilis and herpes but realistically I wouldnt worry and condom protects a good amount from these too.

You giving her oral is again so low for any STIs that it is not Worth worrying about at all.
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Thanks for your answer
I was just worried because my gums are swollen and I gave oral for about ten minutes and vaginal fluids were present which probably makes it a higher risk to catch hiv as some articles online discuss about having Gingivitis and how it increases the risk. I am not saying that I have Gingivitis but my gums are facing a similar issue
There is no issue with HIV. None at all. You can not get HIV from oral sex.
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