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Pain/discomfort after ejaculation?

Hello everyone, for the last couple of weeks I have noticed a pain/discomfort after masturbating, after I ejaculate. I don’t have pain when urinating or discharge from my penis. What could this be?!
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Where is the discomfort located, have you been sexually active?
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It is inside my shaft and at the tip of my penis, it doesn’t last long but it is a discomfort
I have been sexually active but have used protection for oral and vaginal. One time I received oral unprotected but that was last year in November
This could be anything from prostatitis to a urinary tract infection (not as likely) to maybe NGU. You need to see your doctor for an exam and testing. It's not likely to be an STD with the low risk you have.
I’m sorry for my ignorance but what is ngu
Ngu is  non-gonococcal urethritis, an inflamation of the urethra not caused by neisseria gonorrhoeae but by normal mouth(or some other place) dwelling bacteria. IT can also be just a mild form of an inflamed prostate, so lay off masturbation for a day or two, and if the condition doesn't improve go and see a doctor for testing, however it is nothing that a round/rounds of antibiotics cant cure, as auntiejessi has told you already.
Do you think that it could be trichomoniasis? I have never had vaginal sex without a condom
Probably not if you've only had sex with protection.

You should rest your body for a day or two, like klamidia suggested, and then see a doctor if things don't improve.

Let us know what happens, but I'd be really surprised if this is an STD.
I have a doctor appointment Monday morning. I’m just really confused because when I called them, they said it could be a multitude of sti’s and when I told them about my activity they said I could still get sti’s even using a condom and that the one oral exposure could have done it. I never had any pain while urinating or any discharge from my penis. I always figured that this was the only signs to worry about.
Some doctors like to be really alarmist, and if you only talked to a receptionist, they aren't trained in this.

You can get NGU, gonorrhea and syphilis from oral sex. Chlamydia is possible, but not likely. You used protection for oral, so any of this is really, really unlikely. The only real possibility is syphilis, and even that is terribly unlikely.

Have you had your appt yet? How did it go?
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