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Penile Discharge after antibiotics

I've been having unprotected vaginal sex with a female. 15days ago I got minor amounts of whitish discharge coming from the tip of my penis, it was followed by stinging at tip of penis and mild burning/discomfort after peeing. I went and got an STI screening (urine test) (3rd day after initial symptoms), Came back negative for all sti's tested by urine, i also was told its Not a UTI. My partner has no symptoms. Saw my doctor again, he suggested it's NSU caused by friction during intercourse with a tight female. He prescribed me antibiotics (Azithromycin). I completed the full dosage two days ago. I still have the discharge (whitish, small amounts of discharge but hapening throughout the day) with very mild irritation in the urethra area.
What is my next step here? Does this go away shortly after taking antibiotics? Could this be something else? Do i need more tests?
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What was the time frame between start of symptoms last time you had sex? It's possible you tested too early.
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What dose of azithromycin did you take? Azithromycin can take days after taking it to fully work.

Have you had sex since taking the meds? If your partner has an infection, you could be getting the infection again.

NSU isn't caused by irritation from a "tight female". It's caused by a bacteria. IT's also called NGU, or non-gonococcal urethritis, meaning any bacteria that isn't gonorrhea.




If things don't clear up within a few more days, see your doctor again. You may need a different antibiotic. The preferred treatment is doxycycline, 100 mg twice a day for 7 days.
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I had sex again afterwards but with a condom.
I took a 4 pill/4 day dose of the Azithromycin.
After still having symptoms over a week after finishing my antibiotics,
I went back to my doctor and he said i have to go to a mens clinic and get the discharge tested.
I went to the  mens health clunic, they tested my urine again, it came back again with no uti and not sti. They said everything looks healthy and told my to just use canesten for 7 days and if it hasn't cleared then to go back to my doctor. They wouldn't test the discharge (which is minimal).
Its been 5 days after using Canesten and i still have my symptoms. I feel like my doctor can't do anything but i have yet another appointment with him. Perhaps ill just ask him to give me the antibiotics you recommend instead, or ask his opinion on it. Not sure at this point. My doctor says you can get NSU from friction but at this point i just want to be healed lol.
Stop taking antibiotics you don't need, or might not need.

You tested again too soon after taking the azithromycin. It could give you false negatives. Test again 3 weeks after you took the azithromycin.

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