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Penis Discharge 2 days after encounter. Negative STI results after 3 days?

23rd Jan I had unprotected oral, Vaginal and Anal sex.
25th Jan I noticed some white discharge from my penis but no burning.
26th Jan I visit Gum clinic to get tested and 27th Jan my urine samples were clear of infection.

Are these results conclusive or do I need to be retested? Today the 4th day after encounter I woke up and noticed a more yellow discharge was still present so was surprised with the negative results.

Just not sure what to do next?
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3 days is on the early side to test, though with symptoms, it would make the tests more reliable.

Did they test the discharge or just do urine tests? When you urinated, had you waited at least an hour since you had last urinated? I'd retest if I were you. Ask if they can take a culture of your discharge. Don't urinate for at least an hour before going.
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I urinated 3 hours prior.  They took a Swab and had a look prior but looked for Gonorrhoea and didn't see anything so wanted to see what the test result came back with before giving me any treatment.  Thanks I'll test again.
When they did the testing, did they mention white blood cells in your urine? There is something called non-specific urethritis (NSU), or non-gonoccocal urethritis (NGU). It is essentially any infection in the urethra not caused by gonorrhea. If they look for white blood cells in your urine, and you have more than a trace, sometimes more than a small amount, they diagnose it as NSU/NGU, and will treat you.
No they didn't. Just got a text message with the results saying negative.

Clearly something is going on as I still have the yellow discharge. No burning when peeing or any smell with the discharge.  Generally is discharge 2 days after an encounter early for Sti symptoms or is that standard?
Two days is the absolute earliest that you'd see symptoms, but it's definitely possible.

Since you're having the yellow discharge - yellow usually indicates infection - go back for more testing, or go somewhere else. Definitely go somewhere for testing.
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