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Pinching pain on tip of penis

Around March 8th I hooked up with a woman and used a condom. A few weeks go by and I’ve noticed the pinching feeling. I ignored it and thought it would go away.
The reason why I ignored it was because it was very brief and it would go away within minutes.
After two days of having this weird pinch feeling that goes away periodically I let another woman give me oral sex. Unprotected.

Like 4 days after that encounter I started having that same pinching feeling but this time it became an all day thing. It started after the first pee of the day. The next day I smoked some weed and the marijuana intensified the pinching feeling which led me to freak out and rush to an immediate care facility for an std test.

At first they told me that I might have an infection and that they were going to test my urine for bacteria. Shortly after saying that the healthcare professional came back and said that my urine was fine and said it was probably an sti. She then examined my penis and noticed it was dry and told me to apply aquaphore to it to prevent it from being more dry. Other than that my penis looks fine. No sores no bumps no weird dischage from penis. Also it does not hurt when I pee. It actually feels kind of good when I do pee. They did a full panel std test and drew blood and told me to come back in a week.

So the following day after getting tested around 6pm I’ve noticed that I get the urge to pee like a lot but when I do not a lot of urine would come out. It still doesn’t hurt when I peed and my friend who was a nurse told me to wash my penis after everytime I pee and to apply the aquaphore to prevent it from being dry.

Today has been the easiest day of them all. The pain was at a minimum. It still doesn’t hurt when I pee and today was the first day that the pain was not an all day type of thing. It would come and go.

Maybe I’m just overthinking it and my anxiety is getting the best of me and that’s why I can’t pee normally. The best way to describe the pain is like a dull continuous pain in the penis hole. Not deep per se but just at the tip.

Thank you
Please help.
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So what kind of urine testing did they do? Did you get your results?

Do you have any pain when you sit? Any pain in your testicles? When you ejaculate?

How hydrated are you? Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Alcohol? Water?

If you never got your results, you need to get them. You should also find out exactly what you were tested for. You can call them and ask. They have to tell you.
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