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Hi and sorry for my english. 3 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with female CSW. Both, cunnilingus and fellatio. I had two syphilis tests. 2 weeks and today, 3 weeks after exposure. The first test was rapid home test. Came back negative. The second test was laboratory test ECLIA. Came back with negative result but with note "cut off 0.097".does it mean that I am close to have Syphilis? I don't know what it means.
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The range for that test is that 1.0 is positive, so a .097, if that was your result, isn't close, so maybe they were just noting that you weren't close? I don't know why they noted it otherwise.

Syphilis isn't that common in most developed countries, and you're also less likely to get syphilis from oral sex than vaginal or anal sex, so unless you get symptoms, I wouldn't worry too much about this. If you decide to test again, test at 6 weeks, and that will be conclusive.

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Yes, my result was 0.097-negative and the cut - off value was 1.o. Is that normal?
I do not have any symptoms. No ulcelrs, nothing.
Yes, that's normal - the cut off at 1.0 means that the positive range starts at 1.0.

That's good that you don't, but the average time to get symptoms of syphilis is 3 weeks from the infection date. I don't suspect you'll get any, though.

If you're worried still at 6 weeks - and I don't think you have a lot of reason to worry, test then. If it's negative, you can move on. :)
I got my 6 weeks result. It is negative.
Congrats :)
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