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Poor decisions in Vegas

So I was in Vegas in February.  February 1 I had met a lady. She is around 45-55 yrs old.  White lady and there on vacation.  Claims she was married after the fact.  I am 39 white. Healthy for all purposes.  We French kissed a bit followed by a blowjob where I mostly jerked off while she sucked my tip.  It lasted less than 5 min not that it matters.   Mostly no symptoms.  I’ve always had issues with slight discomfort when urinating. But sense then I feel it has increased slightly along with maybe increase urination.   When I do pee it tingles at first and by half way through urination it feels fine.  Also if I sit to pee it feels fine.  No discharge that I can tell.  I haven’t noticed and real discharge stains in my underware.  I’ve tried squeezing my penis and nothing comes out.   I feel chlymadia is not a risk. I’ve read hundreds of posts on here and on dr hhh other forum and I’ve maybe seen 2 cases of chlymadia from oral and even then dr hhh was skeptical if that was caught from oral.   Gono is a possibility. Though according to dr hhh I would’ve had some real pain and discharge 3 to 5 days following the incident.  Again according to dr hhh hsv is also a possibility but I would’ve had a cluster of blisters by 14 days after the event.  HIV is no risk.   So lastly that leaves syphillis.   On March 1st 4 weeks later I jerked off that morning.   That afternoon I felt a stingy feeling on my shaft it looked like a few like cuts/abrasions.   By Tuesday night a scab had formed.  By wed morning that area was scabbed up. red all around it and swollen.  Like it was infected and painful to touch.  I do hvac work so I assume my dirty hands touching it is what caused it.  By day 8 swelling had gone down and the scab was smaller and it was shrinking but still hurt.  By day 12 very little pain/discomfort and it was the size of a pen point. ( It was the size of a pea or so to start with and it was never round. It was a odd shape with jagged edges. ). Today is day 15 and it’s all but gone but a tiny lil looking cut.   No scab or pain.  Now from reading online and dr hhh work.  It can’t be herpes unless it’s from a past sexual experience because that would’ve manifested within 2 weeks (typical 5 days) with blisters.   So into syphillis.   I know is rare.  2019 had 40k p and s cases in mostly the msm scene.  I also know it’s been on the rise.  So for kicks I’ll say about 50k people had it in 2021.  According to cdc 7k woman had it in 2019. So for kicks I’ll say 10k to account for the increase.  Of woman I think from what I read about 80% of female cases are in the younger age group or non white nationality.  So that leaves 2000 woman.  In 2021 with p and s syphillis.  Well I’ve read a ton of different study’s that have been conducted over the years that say anywhere from 5 to 15% of p and s cases are oral.  So I’ll aim high. Say 20%. Now that leaves 400 woman in the entire us for the course of the year. Do the math I think that leaves me with 1 person a day in the entire us had oral syphillis. So odds are extremely low.  Also according to dr hhh primary syphillis is always a round typical painless lesion that almost always shows up 10 to 21 days That heals on its own in 3 to 6 weeks.  I know cdc says (10 to 90 days). I’ve read in his work the secondary syohillis is what becomes atypical.   So based on what’s going on with my penis do u think what happened to my penis was just friction burn/abrasion that got infected and took longer than normal to heal or do u think I have a real possibility of infection. I know I’ve read all the standard responses and everything says get tested but I was just looking for real world thoughts and info on syphillis or hsv.  Also with no discharge I feel I can rule out the other bacterial stds.  Btw I have inspected myself daily and never ever saw abnormality’s until I felt the pain after I masterbate.  
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So first, I love your research, though I'm sure you did some of it out of some anxiety. But good for you for finding all the stats. :)

It doesn't sound like what you have is syphilis, though you could certainly get a test to find out and put your mind at ease. Most people will test positive by 6 weeks, which is just where you are now. It's a simple blood test - as I'm sure you know - and then you can put this behind you.

The timing of your sore fits for syphilis, but it healed too quickly for it to be syphilis, but I can understand why it crossed your mind.

Have you ever seen a doctor about how you feel when you pee? How is your water intake? Caffeine and alcohol intake? Increase your water intake, and decrease the other two and see if that helps. If you drink a lot of caffeine, decrease that slowly or you'll get a really bad headache.
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Thanks. And yes I have seen a penis doctor.  Basically I have a kink in my urethra.  So when I sit it’s more relaxed vs standing it applys just enough pressure to cause a bit of a sting.  Though my anxiety kicks in from time to time and thinks what if I have something. I’ve been tested 3 years ago.  But according to the top doctors in the past chlmadia is damn near impossible and with out very noticeable discharge along with pain Gono is unlikely.  And according to dr hhh the main Gono we have in the us almost always causes symptoms vs other strands else where.  And yes I do have anxiety driven symptoms.  Lol.  I mean some days I look at my penis and see a tiny bit of something inside of it but nothing leaks out. And again according to dr hhh that is normal.   So just by healing times of 98% healed in 12 days and the fact that it literally looked nothing like the pics did online of syphillis it’s a safe bet that it’s not syphillis and odds are extremely low of having a hidden case of Gono.  And due to timing hsv is out?   Just as I’m typing this I got a mild itch at the site and I damn near have to zoom in on my camera to see the last of the sore that was once the size of a pea and was swollen pretty good.  
If you are sexually active with any kind of regularity, testing once a year is a good idea. There's no set time frame - it just depends on how active you are, how often you use condoms, etc.

If you have to really look for symptoms, they aren't symptoms. Discharge actually comes out of the penis - you'd notice it on your underwear. There is no need to look inside your penis unless it hurts or something, and that's just to see if there is a sore there.

It could be hsv, but the timing is really off for that. Also, it looked more like abrasions than blisters.

Given that you masturbated that morning, I'd say you injured doing that, somehow, or caught it on your zipper or something.
So how accurate is my research? For the Gono and chylmadia and syphillis and have done.   And I think I’m over estimating.   I tended to lean more towards reading old case study’s and information dr hhh has said and posted vs reading the 100 plus webpages that all say if someone looked at your junk you could get a std.   plus like dr hhh says most to all online sources are over cautious or take things out of context or just plain wrong.  Also based on what you have read and scene online how many people have u heard of having contracted syphillis from a blowjob from a female.  Also with it being not round or oval and very irregular shape with scabbing and shrinking it’s most likely not syphillis but just a infected abrasion
And thank you for your response and giving a good response.  I’ve read a lot of your reply’s and glad it was more than just a description of each disease I could’ve caught and told to get tested asap.  
Your research is very accurate. I can't confirm the exact numbers, but generally, they seem pretty accurate. Syphilis is uncommon is most developed countries.

I'm not sure I can remember anyone getting syphilis from oral, though I'm sure it's happened. It's just less common.

For oral, chlamydia is also uncommon. I think I've seen maybe 2 cases of oral chlamydia. I don't know if it's because it's not often tested for, or we have better tests now, but both cases were fairly recent. Something to keep an eye on, but it still isn't common.

Of oral STDs, gonorrhea is the most common. STDs from oral are less common than STDs from vaginal or anal sex, for sure.

The shape lends itself to not be an STD, too.

You're welcome. I'm glad to help. :)
Thank you.  
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