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Possible std transmission?

Hello everyone

If there were to be genital std fluid on outside of condom can this lead to an std. for example penile, vaginal, and oral(throat) stds

I hope you can help thanks
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Honestly, I'm not even sure what you're asking here.

Condoms protect you against STDs. If there were vaginal fluids on the outside of the condom, that means that they can't get into your urethra, right? That means they can't infect you.

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Hey thanks for responding .

I started putting condom on wrong way then I realized what I did and flipped it the correct Way. Now the correct side might have some genital fluid on it. If I were to have an std will this transfer to my female partner throat?

I hope this makes more sense.  

Thanks again
No, this will not transmit any STI
Thank you sillymistake87
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