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Prostatitis after oral sex

Dec 2018 . Had high risk unprotected oral sex. Next day started having pain in my penis particularly the head of my penis. 4-5 days later the pain went to my testicles then prostate. Now, still having issues. i.e pain in my penis, pain in prostate and legs/thighs, and complete lack of libido/erectile issues. All Stds negative. Any ideas? Semen culture was negative. Everything happened right after this foolish sex mistake. I believe it has to be some type of bacteria or unknown organism. If not that then maybe the initial infection is gone but left a chronic inflammatory response behind. The issue has caused some irritation on my penis, the penis head seems dry periodically. If anybody else is dealing with similar symptoms or got prostatitis after some type of sex. Please pitch in your own input.
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If you tested negative for the STDs, it wasn't what caused the prostatitis.

The only thing you haven't tested for is mycoplasma. That's a bacteria that can be sexually transmitted, though transmission from oral sex is very rare - https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/216/suppl_2/S396/4040968

There is a possibility that you had the prostatitis before this encounter, and something about it triggered worse symptoms, making you aware of it. There is something called chronic prostatitis, or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, where the cause of it is very hard to determine. Google CPPS in men.

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I appreciate the response but do you honestly think after all of this time dealing with the issue, I haven’t heard of CPPS or researched it?  I never had prostatitis before this so no, that isn’t the case. I don’t think there are ways to check for mycoplasma, but I have taken plenty of antibiotics(including herbal antibiotics), which bacteria aren’t resistant to. Thanks again
I never assume anything while I'm answering these questions. I just want to make sure everyone has the information they need. If you've already seen it, then that's great, but it's not meant to insult anyone.

I've seen loads of men come through here who are diagnosed with prostatitis who have never heard of CPPS, nor have their doctors.

There are ways to check for mycoplasma. The FDA recently approved a new test for it -




I apologize, I know you are here to help. I’m not trying to come off like a “dick” no pun intended. It’s just difficult dealing with this issue.
Apology accepted. :)

I'm sure it's difficult - dealing with chronic illness and pain is awful. I know firsthand, and I'm sorry you do, too.

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What were you symptoms of prostatitis?
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At first I had weak stream, constant urination(especially overnight), hard to begin urination with stopping/starting(dribbling). Golf ball feeling in the perineum/anus area. Aching pain in the perineum. But before all this the pain started at head of penis, then pain in testicles/epdidmyitis(generally in same area so hard to tell), then ultimately to prostate. Now all those symptoms are gone except ED/No Libido, aching pain in perineum, radiating pain to legs/thighs(occasionally) last Prostate massage I had doc said prostate was less boggy then before.. idk if it’s healing or what..
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What about your exposure was "high risk"?

Based on your timeline... you're saying that last December you had an unprotected oral exposure and the very next day you had penile pain.  No STD would give you symptoms 24 hours later.  It's more than likely that your pain that quickly was caused by normal heightened sensitivity post oral sex, possibly from tiny abrasions or broken blood vessels from fellatio, or your own anxiety from the experience which can cause physical symptoms.

You say all std's negative... what tests did you do and when?

Were you tested for NGU?

This is a long time from exposure based on your timeline to still have symptoms.  I suggest you see a doctor... if necessary just present the symptoms and omit your backstory, it's possible this is unrelated to the exposure.

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Hooker. I didn’t have anxiety from the event, only when the pain started did I begin to have any. I tested for HIV1/2 Herpes 1/2 Hep A/B/C, Syiliphis, Gonorrhea, Chalymedia. (Excuse my spelling) All Negative. I tested 3 times months apart. I believe whatever it was triggered prostatitis as the DRE showed inflamed/boggy prostate with pain.
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