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Protected oral sex with licking outside of covered area


I received a hand job and covered blowjob from an escort 2 days ago, the event went like this:

- Hand job with lube 5-10 minutes
- Condom on, and received oral for 5-10 minutes
- Condom off, and hand job with lube for 5-10 minutes

1. My concern is whether there was a risk of when she removed the condom and touched my penis after (due to any saliva or other fluids residing on the condom, and then possibly onto her hand)

2. The girl also sucked/licked my testicles for less than 5 minutes, and licked the lower part of my shaft just above from my testicles.

3. I shaved 2 days before the event, and had a very minor shaving scratch roughly at that area. Does this potentially increase my risk? I believe the skin would have been healed by 2 days
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no dear you are 100% safe it wont cause you any harm don't panic it will only harm you when those virus enter your urethral
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He Jacked,

There is no risk here of anything. All the risky stuff (I put that lightly as oral sex is very low risk for some STIs and zero for others) was covered with a condom. There is a VERY small risk for syphilis and herpes but in absence of any lesions or lumps and bumbs on their face I would not worry. Escorts are normally pretty good at protecting themselves as its their job. Any STIs will put their work at risk so being lazy is not worth it for them.

Shaving before an exposure does not increase the risk at all. The only scratch that would cause any increase in risk would be a very deep cut which would put your mind else where than getting pleasure!
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Hi Silly,

Thanks for the response, I believe I may have seen a previous post from yourself on this topic when I searched this site - I may be mistaken.

But if so, and you experienced protected oral along with the concern - How did this end for you?
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Edit: Point #1 "due to any saliva or other fluids residing on the condom, and then possibly onto her hand"

By "other fluids" I mean potential STI residing on the condom from the throat or similar. No other bodily fluids were exposed in this, only mouth (covered) and hands
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No, this isn't a risk. The risk from these fluids is when they enter your urethra, not when they touch your skin.

You're really okay.
Thank you for the response, just to clarify. Overall you would say this was a safe event, and at practically zero risk?
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