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Quick 5 seconds of unprotected vaginal insertion

I’m a 31 year old male who made a mistake on Saturday night. I was at a party with friends and I had a lot to drink. I was flirting with this girl that I know well Age 35 but not sure of her std status. I inserted my penis unprotected into her vagina the most for 5 seconds and of course now I am little worried of stds. In this situation what are my chances for stds and should I get tested for such a brief encounter.
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Unprotected sex, even briefly, does expose you to various things.  A one time exposure is low, however.  If your penis was inserted (not just rubbed), you have a minimal risk of HIV which would require testing at 28 days or after post event with a 4th generation duo test.  Then all the other std's are also a possibility, unfortunately. The contact of your penis to their skin puts you at risk.  However, again, this sounds very brief which certainly will minimize that.  You can monitor for symptoms and test or do routine testing.  Did you know the person?  If you know her pretty well, I doubt she'd secretly have HIV.  And she'd likely not risk giving you an std if she knows she has one.  she's 'less risky' if you will, because she is a known person. That's not to say it couldn't happen though.  
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Thank you for your quick response. Today I called her and because I was drunk that night I asked her if I inserted my penis inside of your vagina. She responded by telling me I was never inside of her and confirmed by asking her a couple more times and she said don’t worry u were never inside me. It’s a sigh of relief but I thought I was because I did perform a couple of seconds of oral sex on her. But maybe it was the saliva that got my penis wet to think I was inside of her.
Even if you were inside of her, anything that brief would have very minimal risk. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Your risk would be very, very low, if any.
Thanks auntiejessi for responding. Is it minimal risk for all stds? My main concern was chlamydia and gonorrhea. Not so much hiv.
Yes, even for those, it would be minimal.
Thank you auntiejessi
You're welcome. Take care, and we're here if you need us. :)
Hey.  just one last question if you don’t mind me asking. In this circumstance would you recommend stds testing from this brief encounter. I contacted my doctors office this morning and spoke to a nurse about my problem and she said she would send over message to my doctor. I’m waiting for her call back to see if testing is required. Regardless just because of anxiety I will try and get a chlamydia and gon test.
It sounds like you had no risk and don't need testing, but if you need to test for peace of mind, then do that.
Realistically your risk was minimal and very unlikely to have transmitted anything. However, anxiety (and along the same lines genital focus anxiety) can cause a whole heap of pseudo-symptoms.

The fact she said you never had penetrative sex and only a HJ (no risk) and you said it was only 5 seconds (You were also drunk). If it were me, no I would not get tested. However if you need it for peace of mind go ahead.
Thank you both for your quick response. 2 days and 11 hours to be exact lol. I went to get tested for only chlamydia and gonorrhea. It’s a NAAT Test. Combined.

Briefly what happened

Thought I inserted my penis insider her vagina for the most 5 secs but when I called her the next day she said I never made it inside so maybe just some rubbing on the outside vagina which lead me to think I was inside. I’ll keep you guys posted on my results thanks again.
You already went? Your test won't be accurate yet. It takes at least 5 days for the test to be accurate. I really don't think you have anything to worry about, though.
Ahh ok. Surprised my doctor didn’t let me know. Thanks again.
If you went to your regular doctor, I'd be surprised if he knew. To be fair, primary care docs have to stay current on all kinds of things, and now that includes COVID. Often, STDs fall to the side.

If you decide to test again, wait until day 5, make sure you don't urinate for at least an hour before the test, and make sure the first part of your urine stream is what goes into the cup.

Again though - I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Even if you did penetrate her for a few seconds, it's unlikely that would result in a transmission.
Thank you Auntiejessi take care.
Tested negative using NAAT 2.5 days later after exposure. Dr.HHH said it’s conclusive for gon. But mayb to soon for chlam. Most likely I will retest. Take care all
Thanks for the update. Take care!
UPDATE... 15 days post exposure test for chlamydia and gonorrhea came back negative. I believe now these tests are 100% conclusive. Take care all.
Yes, those are 100%. Congrats, and thanks for the update! :)
; ) your welcome
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