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Rash on penis head after visiting massage parlor

I visited a Massage parlor and received oral and vaginal sex with a condom.  The vaginal sex lasted 20 seconds and i only put half my penis in cuffing the rest of my penis so there was no skin to skin contact. Oral went a minute or 2. Prior her putting the condom on, she kissed my scrotum and licked my penis tip like a quick kiss.  3 days later i feel a rash on penis head. No burning, no pain in testicles. No puss.  I was treated in a clinic with antibotics and felt better same day, next morning.   I did masturbate with ky and my own saliva the following night and just cleaned up with a towel. Do you think i had an allergic reaction to condom or ky?  I made sure when she took the condom off that it was air tight on removed correctly.
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Are you saying the rash was better with antibiotics and then returned after you masturbated?  Or are you saying you are all better and wondering if the original rash happened due to ky and condom? Just trying to clarify your question.
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Sorry for the confusion.  The rash got better with antibotics.
I feel the rash happened due to condom or ky.  I feel i practiced safe sex at mp.
I visited mp. Next day masturbated.  Started feeling rash next 2 days.   Went to clinic 4th day.
What kind of antibiotics are you on, and why did they give them to you? What did they diagnose you with?
They gave me a shot of zithromax  and pills.  1 time.   Sent my urine for analysis. Diddnt get results yet.   Urine test in office was normal.  I had no pain or burning when urinating.  Maybe just psychological??
they teated me like i had  a std
Are you sure the pills weren't zithromax and the shot wasn't ceftriaxone?  

When you say you had oral sex, and then say, "she kissed my scrotum and licked my penis tip like a quick kiss." - is that what you mean by oral sex? None of that would have been a risk for gonorrhea or chlamydia, and they treated you, it sounds like, for both.

If you said you had oral sex, I can see why they might treat you, since you had symptoms (sort of) of something, but since your penis didn't enter her throat, where disease would reside, you didn't really have a risk. If you mean something else, definitely let me know.

Since the rash has cleared up already, it sounds like irritation or a slight reaction to the lube or condom.
She kissed my scrotum and licked my penis tip workout comdom.  She the put a condom on, vaginal sex for 10 seconds then blowjob withb condom 1 minute or 2 minutes.  She was careful taking condom off.  I slso checked.   No leaks.  
The whole condom leak thing is a myth. If a condom tears, it is catastrophic, and you won't miss it. It's designed that way.

It sounds like you had no risk. A kiss and a lick is not going to transmit anything, and everything else was protected.

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