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Really bad sore throat: help!

About 2 weeks ago I (M) had an encounter with a CSW (F) - we did not have penetrative vaginal sex. She did however, give me an unprotected blow job, rubbed the outside of her vagina against my unprotected penis which caused me to cum outside.

She also kissed me and made me go down on her vagina unprotected.

5 days ago I had a mild sore throat that was on and off. 2 days ago it suddenly flared up to the extent that it woke me up in the middle of the night. My tonsils and uvula look very red and swollen. But there are no white spots. In the day time the symptoms are bearable but they worsen at night.

I went to a regular doc and he said it looked likely to just be a regular upper respiratory throat infection perhaps from a flu virus (I have been ART-swabbed 4-5x in the last week, all negative.)

What are the chances I caught an STD? Any chance it is HIV? Or more likely oral Gono or chlamydia? Or really just a regular throat virus? Please help. Worried and annoyed by this throat.

Should I go get an oral swab to be sure?

If it helps, I have no symptoms around my penis. No pain while peeing. No discharge. No fever or any other symptoms. Just this damned sore throat.
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When you say you've been ART - do you mean antiretroviral therapy? For HIV? Why?

And swabbed for what 4-5x for where?

Have you had a covid test?

Most oral STDs don't give you symptoms, and getting an oral STD from giving oral sex to a vagina is unlikely - possible, but not likely. If you haven't been tested for it, you might as well be. You probably won't rest easy until you are.

HIV from oral sex is NOT a risk. I'm not sure why you are on ART, if it's from this risk or if you already have HIV.

Lots of things cause sore throats - colds, flus, allergies, covid, etc. I'm not sure if this is what you keep getting swabbed, or something else. STDs are way down the list.
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Sorry I meant ART test for COVID. That was the purpose for the swab. Thanks for your response. It helps.
You're welcome. :)
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