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Red Itchy Rash

Ok, I should'nt be trying to treat myself or taken steps the way I have done, but now its becoming an issue. Don't judge me, LOL....Anyway

Recently I had a very small hard bump, looked kinda like a small white head, and for vanity's sack, I clipped off the growth.  I started taking antibotics for a few days as well as putting a triple antibiotic ointment on the bump to try and get it to heal faster. Within a day or so, I noticed a small itchy rash beginning to develop right above it, all of this occuring on the shaft of my penis.  Now the rash is still the same size, but itchy as hell, Ive tried using lotriman anti fungal cream, it sooths the itch, but the rash is still there, I tried to usetriple antibotic cream more, and doesnt seem to help.

Please help? Could this be caused by all the anti biotic cream and pill.? yeast infection? or something more serious?
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Oh and ive tried a topical steriod too.
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so you've cut it off, thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it and wonder why you still have a rash?  

at this point stop putting anything on your genital area. almost everything you've been doing is known to irritate the delicate genital skin. if the rash isn't better in 2 or 3 days, go and be seen and get it looked at. depending on the cause of the initial symptoms, you might've made it spread by cutting it off initially.

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