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Red bumps on penis

Tiny, red bumps appear on shaft of penis on and off again. About a mm in diameter. No pain, no itchiness. I've recently been tested and everything came back negative.

They show up in my pubic area, too. Could they just be clogged pores/ingrown hairs?

They first appeared about 5 months ago. I had protected sex with a girl I didn't know well. She did also performed oral sex on me. First symptoms showed up about 20 days after.

They normally appear for about a week, then disappear. Went to the doctor and got checked for a variety of STDs including herpes -- everything came back normal.

I've been symptom free for about 2 months now, but it looks like they're back. I haven't had sex with anyone since that encounter. Help?
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The only STD that could be responsible for something like this is herpes. However, it doesn't sound like herpes, unless the bumps are a) in a cluster in more or less the same area of your penis each time and b) turn into blisters and scabs before they clear up. Also, herpes doesn't usually recur in the pubic area as well as the penis.

The obvious thing to do is see a health care provider while the problem is active, i.e. in the next day or two before they have time to disappear. Whatever it turns out to be, I'm betting against an STD or anything else related to your sexual history.
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Hi Howard,

Thanks for the quick reply. They do show up in clusters (two or three bumps) but in different places each time. I also noticed some scattered, red single pimples on my inner thigh, too.

These "pimples" don't scab over or hurt in anyway. My doctor originally thought it was eczema as I've been prone to eczema in the past -- just not in the genital area. I had a patch a few years ago on my arm and was treated appropriately.

I plan to see the doctor again this week, but I had one last question for you. I had the herpes culture test done. Does it have a high rate false negatives?

I really appreciate your help!
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