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Risk from getting kissed on penis head and french kissing

Hi All,

I just visited a massage parlor. I always try to be safe and careful but few misses happened this time and want to check with you all if I'm at risk for STDs and if yes what STDs.

So the Thai masseuse gave two pecks of kisses on the penis head. No blowjob, no vaginal sex or anything else. And then I wore a condom and came while she was thrusting on top of me. And then quite a bit of French kissing was invoked but no tongue to tongue.

My questions are;
Am I exposed to STDs because she gave two kisses on my penis head? And what exposure do I have due to French kissing.

I'm really worried and some help would be greatly appreciated...
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Very glad you wear condoms during these experiences. That protects you well.  As for french kissing.  If she has oral herpes, that can pass. But 80 percent of the world's population has that.  Many get it as children. You didn't see any sores so would not worry. And a kiss to your penis is a skin to skin contact in which oral herpes could also be spread but highly unlikely.  So, I would not worry.  Definitely no need to test for anything unless some type of symptom such as a sore or blister arises. Really would not think it would and wouldn't be worried at all if I were you.
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Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. How about STDs such as Chlamydia and Gonnorhea. And say even syphilis? I dint see any sores in her lips, but can she pass syphilis on if she has it?

And what would be the symptoms of genital herpes say if I catch it?

Thank you so much. Appreciate your time on this.
The only risks here are possibly the skin to skin ones - syphilis, HPV, and herpes type 2, and these are from her thrusting on you. I don't know how that happened exactly, but if her genital skin came into contact with yours, and there was a lot of grinding and rubbing, it's possible to transmit those things. The risk is lower because you had a condom on, but there is still a risk.

There is no risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hep B, mycoplasma, or trich.

There is no risk from the kissing, except for hsv1, as already explained, if you don't have that already, and no real risk from the quick kisses to your penis.
Thank you so much for your detailes response. Truly appreciate your time for helping me out. What would be the best time to get tested just to be safe? My exposure was on 22nd of January. Thank you once again.
There's no test for HPV and men, unfortunately.

You can test for syphilis at 6 weeks, but don't overly worry about that one. It's uncommon in most developed countries. If you have it, you'll get a round, painless sore, usually around the 3 week point, but it can be earlier or later.

You can test for herpes type 2 with a type specific IgG blood test at 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks, if it's offered where you live. Sores typically appear within 2-12 days.
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