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Risk of STD from a hong kong stripper in Tijuana

I had sex with a hong kong stripper in tijuana but kept my boxers on and used a condom, but I also got kissed in the mouth by 2 other strippers but they were small kisses, and 1 week later I have a sore throat and a white tongue and dry lips, how likely is it that I have HIV or herpes
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1) symptoms arent used to diagnose hiv
2) neither is oral thrush presented in ars
3) good luck for ur test
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Sorry for my ignorance but what is ars? I have oral thrush underneath my tongue too and some small red pimples on one side, now im more scared it could be oral herpes.
Have you diagnosed yourself with oral thrush? It wouldn't just be under your tongue. It's not sounding at all like herpes, or HIV.

ARS is what happens when your body seroconverts - when you develop antibodies to HIV. You are not nearly sick enough for that - you'd have a fever, a rash, feel just awful (enough to stay home from school/work and enough to take yourself to an emergency department, usually).

Honestly, you have no risk for HIV, and your chances for herpes are very small if no one had any visible outbreaks. Relax and let this go.
Yes I’m going to the doctors on Monday, but I also have a dry mouth and lips as well as my face and jaw feeling numb, I think I may have stress or anxiety,
Thank you, Im going to the doctors tomorrow to get checked on my throat and then to get std tested cause I still have a sore throat and mild cough but its very mild now I think I just have bad anxiety and stress which also cause my dry mouth and lips I suppose
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You wouldn't get HIV symptoms within a week of an encounter, and your symptoms are not symptoms of early infection.

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How about oral herpes? Two different strippers did give me kisses, but they were closed mouth, but I know oral herpes  is easily transmitted just by a small kiss.
No, your symptoms aren't indicative of that, either, or I would have said that.

Your sore throat can be anything - strep, a cold, flu, dry air, winter, allergies, etc. Depending on how much white you have, your tongue could be normal, or yeast/thrush, dryness from a cold, or the winter air, etc. You need to get checked by a doctor to know for sure.
I also just noticed a white coating underneath my tongue with a couple of small red pimples,
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Hi, how do u know u have hiv symptoms? So if i have fever, i have cancer?! It does not work like that, pls dont be so anxious.
If u r so worried, go get tested, very simple.
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I wasn’t anxius about the dry cough but after my tongue turned whitish that’s when I got anxius because both are symptoms of it, but yea im getting tested because i had chlamdyia before but i was cured
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You probably don't have HIV symptoms.  HIV isn't diagnosed by symptoms.  And you had zero risk (not nearly non existent).  Condom protected sex and kissing pose no HIV risk. The only risks for HIV transmission are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing of IV drug needles.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  So, look elsewhere for your symptoms.  Like . . . a regular cold virus. THAT you can get from kissing.
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I recently have gotten more related symptoms like muscle ache and small black dots on my hand also i was sweating a little at night, how long should I wait to get tested
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Hiv- risk is nearly non existent since sex is protected
Herpes- very unlikely
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Why do I have hiv related symptoms then?
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